Ohio Hi-Point/Riverside Students Advance to National LifeSmarts Championship


A team of students enrolled in the OHP/Riverside Business program recently won the state championships in the LifeSmarts competition.

Gage Stevenson, Kristina Plank, Sam King, Ava Klingler, and Jailyn Leeper will represent Ohio at the 30th National LifeSmarts Championship in San Diego, California, this Spring.

LifeSmarts, a program designed to improve consumer literacy among young Americans, covers personal finance, health and safety, environmental stewardship, technology, and consumer rights.

The competition starts online, with students leveraging LifeSmarts resources and engaging in practice competitions before advancing to state-level championships.

The OHP/Riverside team excelled in both the monthly TeamSmarts Quizzes, focusing on accuracy and speed across different topics, and the State Championships, leading them to this national opportunity.

Lindsay Wyan is the OHP/Riverside Business Instructor and BPA co-advisor.