Riverside BPA Advances Nineteen to National Conference


Riverside Business Professionals of America (BPA) co-advisors, Lindsay Wyan and Courtney Deady, are thrilled to announce that nineteen exceptional students have achieved outstanding success and will be advancing to the National Leadership Conference in Chicago, IL. This prestigious event will take place May 9th – May 13th, 2024.

These students have showcased exceptional dedication, skills, and knowledge in their respective competitions, earning them the opportunity to represent Riverside at the national level. Their achievements reflect not only their talents but also the outstanding support and guidance provided by their advisors and the entire Riverside community.

Wyan emphasized, “We are profoundly proud of our students’ remarkable achievements. While Ohio Hi-Point Career Center has graciously covered some of the expenses for the competitors, we find ourselves facing limitations due to state guidelines, particularly regarding funding for essential components. Consequently, we are initiating fundraising endeavors for our students to work towards extracting the utmost value from this unparalleled experience. Our cherished annual traditions, including the DeGraff community’s beloved egg hunt, engaging restaurant spirit nights, and vibrant dances, will persist as integral contributors to these efforts along with sponsorships.”

The National Leadership Conference in Chicago promises not only competitive events but also professional development courses and networking opportunities. Students will have the chance to participate in various national events, connecting with individuals from all corners of the United States and gaining invaluable insights and experiences.

“Students continue to work diligently, and in return, they are granted the opportunities of a lifetime,” emphasized Deady, highlighting the crucial role sponsorships play in enabling these transformative experiences.

Additionally, Riverside BPA extends heartfelt congratulations to Carter Kreglow, the 2023-2024 Parliamentarian, for running for BPA office again and achieving the esteemed position of the 2024-2025 Ohio Chapter President. This is a remarkable achievement and a testament to Kreglow’s leadership, dedication, and commitment to excellence.

Riverside BPA is committed to supporting its students and providing them with opportunities for growth, learning, and success. The achievements of these nineteen students are a testament to the dedication and excellence that define Riverside Business Professionals of America.

Following their performance at the Columbus Convention Center March 7th, students advancing to nationals include: Hadlie Asbury – Fundamental Word Processing; Samuel King – Basic Office Systems & Procedures; Kara Klingler – Prepared Speech; Jailyn Leeper – Legal Office Systems; Halyn McClintick – Virtual Photography Promotion; Landon Purtee – Virtual Photography Promotion; Rylee McCully – Personal Financial Management; Kristina Plank – Advanced Office Systems & Procedures; Knowledge Matters Accounting Simulation 1st Place – Jailyn Leeper, Sam King, Gage Stevenson; Knowledge Matters Accounting Simulation 2nd Place – Ava Klingler, Kristina Plank

At the national competition, the following Statesman Torch Award winners also will be recognized with their Ambassador Torch Award for receiving 70 points in each service learning category: Faith Brownlee, Dylyn Burchett, Zack Hall, Reece Jenkins, Ava Klingler, Jailyn Leeper, Halyn McClintick, Hailey Noggler, Rielee Richmond, Savanna Salo, Gage Stevenson, and Sienna Stewart.

Other top 10 finishers at the state contest included: Alex Thuel – Intermediate Word Processing; Rylee McCully – Administrative Support Concepts; Grady Jenkins, Reece Jenkins, Nate Copas and Gavin Robinson – Economic Research Team; Zach Hall – Advanced Word Processing; Rielee Richmond, Cassondra May, Ava Klingler and Emma Saylor – Small Business Management Team; Carter Kreglow, Morgan Shockey and Sienna Stewart – Presentation Management Team; Jaidyn Jackson, Jayden Hoffer, Kaitlyn Schlumbohm, Avery Perk, Brice Kauffman, Hayden McCully, Gavin Orsborne and Jorden Dunham – Parliamentarian Procedures Team

Also at the state competition, Statesman Torch Award recipients who earned 50 points in each of the seven categories (Leadership, Service, Knowledge, Friendship, Cooperation, Patriotism and Faith, Hope and Love) included Hadlie Asbury, Brianna Brandyberry, Levi Buchenroth, Kelsey Burt, Brook Hunkler, Kaitlyn Jackson, Eli Kindle, Carter Kreglow, Ashley Roach, Makayla Mees, Myles Platfoot, and Kaitlyn Schlumbohm.