Schwieterman & Penhorwood Take Champion Rabbit Titles


Monday the Junior Fair held its rabbit show.

After several hours, the results are in.


  • Reserve Grand Champion Overall: Lacey Schwieterman with her Roaster
  • Grand Champion Overall: Harper Penhorwood with her Meat Pen


  • Senior Rabbit Ambassador: Ealise Simpson-Cruz
  • Junior Rabbit Ambassador: Kinsley Brentlinger

Showmanship Results:

  • Senior Class Showmanship: Harper Penhorwood
  • Intermediate Class Showmanship: Layna Nessler
  • Junior Class Showmanship: Lux Kipker
  • Peewee Class Showmanship: Kenzie Nessler

Meat Pen:

  • Reserve Grand Champion Meat Pen: Carson Penhorwood
  • Grand Champion Meat Pen: Harper Penhorwood


  • Reserve Grand Champion Roaster: Carson Penhorwood
  • Grand Champion Roaster: Lacey Schwieterman

Single Fryer:

  • Reserve Grand Champion Single Fryer: Lane Kipker
  • Grand Champion Single Fryer: Carson Penhorwood


  • Reserve grand champion 6-Class rabbit: Lux Kipker
  • Grand champion 6-Class rabbit: Lyllian Kelley


  • Reserve Grand champion 4-Class Rabbit: Mackenzie Berry
  • Grand Champion 4-class Rabbit: 1st-time exhibitor Charity Sanders