Seven BL Students Earn Ohio Seal of Biliteracy


Seven BLHS high school students recently earned the Ohio Seal of Biliteracy including Isaac Napier, Alanna Gibson, Isaiah Stanford, Preston Bothel, Brielle Moorhouse, Kiley Daniels, and Elliott Bailey.

The Ohio Seal of Biliteracy is an award given to graduating high school seniors who can demonstrate proficiency in English and a high level of proficiency in at least one other world language, which includes modern languages, classical languages, American Sign Language, Native American and native languages.

Having a Seal of Biliteracy will help students demonstrate their ability to use their language proficiency in a variety of professional contexts to employers and military recruiters. A Seal of Biliteracy will bolster a student’s academic credentials when applying to colleges. Additionally, certain Ohio universities have created a mechanism to award university credit and ensure appropriate course placement for further advanced language study while other Ohio post-secondary institutions seek to do the same. Many universities across the U.S. also recognize Ohio’s Seal of Biliteracy for these purposes.

Brooklyn Horner earned the Functional Fluency Designation.

Brielle Moorhouse became the first BLHS student to obtain the Working Fluency Global Seal of Biliteracy for scoring Advanced in writing, listening, speaking, and reading in Spanish.

Isaac Napier, Alanna Gibson, Isaiah Stanford, Preston Bothel, Kiley Daniels, and Elliott Bailey each obtained the Functional Fluency certificate for scoring Intermediate 4 or above in all 4 areas of the AAPPL exam.

AAPPL is the ACTFL Assessment of Performance toward Proficiency in Languages.