Treasurer of WL youth organization sentenced for grand theft


Katie Krabill, 36, of West Liberty, pled guilty and was sentenced to the fourth degree felony of grand theft last Wednesday, July 12th, at the Champaign County Court of Common Pleas.

Krabill stole approximately $11,570 from the West Liberty-Salem Little Tiger Football and Cheer Association over a near two-year period. The thefts included money transfers as well as personal food and retail purchases.

Initially, during the court investigation, Krabill attributed the thefts to “mistakes” in handling treasurer responsibility. At the sentence hearing, she admitted to stealing the money because it was “easily accessible to” and “benefitted” her.

Krabill paid most of the $11,570 sum in restitution prior to the involvement of law enforcement. As part of her sentencing, she will pay a remaining $1,260.

She will also serve a three-year term of community service; pay a $1,000 fine and approximately $2,650 in court costs; complete financial management, mental health, and depression counseling; write a letter of apology to the organization; and refrain from managing money in future volunteer activities.

Krabill and her attorney, Lawrence Greger, asked for 40 hours of community service without incarceration, the minimum sanction required by the Ohio Revised Code for such felonies. She was given 210 hours to be completed over the three-year term.

The court found Krabill to be cooperative and remorseful throughout sentencing. The felony is her first offense.