Veterans get lesson from four-star general


Local Republicans and veterans got a lesson in leadership from a four-star general who now lives locally.

Recently retired United States Army General John M. Murray was the featured speaker at the Bellefontaine City Council Salutes Our Veterans.

This event took place earlier this week at the American Legion Pavilion in Bellefontaine.

General Murray was raised in Kenton, spent nearly 40 years leading troops, and now calls Indian Lake his home.

As the featured speaker, General Murray shared highlights of what he learned over decades of commanding forces in Germany, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

“I was taught very early on that you never walk by a mistake. As soon as you walk by a mistake, you’ve just set a new standard. That has carried me throughout my entire career,” General Murray explained.


He continued, “I used to say all the time we’re not here to practice democracy, we’re here to defend it. But disagreement, to a certain point is good because you allow subordinates a chance to have their input. And then, I’ve always said, you had a chance to have your say, here’s the decision, now let’s all get behind it.”

General Murray concluded his career stateside training military leaders in the Army Futures Command based in Texas.

To wrap up he answered questions about artificial intelligence, recruiting, and recent events like the Chinese spy balloon.

Republicans finished the event with introductions of City of Bellefontaine candidates and a group photo of all the veterans present with the General.