4-H Youth and Jr. Fair Awards honors many students


A brief 4-H Youth and Jr. Fair Awards Ceremony was held in the Activity Building at the Logan County Fair Monday evening.

Many of the students presented their projects in front of judges earlier this month.

See below for results:


1st – Isabelle Strayer

State Delegate – Isabelle Strayer


Safe Use of Guns

1st – Landen Jackson

2nd – Bentley Hatmaker

State Delegate – Landen Jackson

State Alternate – Bentley Hatmaker

Rifle Project

SR 1st – David Bohling

SR State Delegate – David Bohling

JR 1st – William Carnes

JR 2nd – Bentley Hatmaker

JR 3rd – Hayden Baxley

JR State Delegate – William Carnes

JR State Alternate – Bentley Hatmaker

Pistol Project

SR 1st – David Bohling

SR State Delegate – David Bohling

JR 1st – Hayden Baxley

JR 2nd – William Carnes

JR 3rd – Bentley Hatmaker

Geology Can You Dig It

1st – Charles Bayliss

Starting Up: Getting to Know Your Tractor

1st – Eelyah Ritter

2nd – John-Pahl Ritter

Arcs and Sparks

1st – Ivan Meister

2nd – Gage Hamm

3rd – Cooper Beatty

Woodworking Master

1st – Sullivan Ashcraft

State Delegate – Sullivan Ashcraft

Measuring Up: Level 1

1st – Layton Schlumbohm

2nd – Audriena Smith

3rd – Shannyn Brunson

State Delegate – Layton Schlumbohm

Making the Cut: Level 2

1st – Eric Hoover

State Delegate – Eric Hoover

Nailing it Together: Level 3

SR 1st – Wyatt Gordon

SR State Delegate – Wyatt Gordon

JR 1st – Brooks Bodin

JR State Delegate – Brooks Bodin

Companion – Pet Goat

1st – Crosley Lacher

Grow Your Own Vegetables

SR 1st – Claire Brown

SR State Delegate – Claire Brown

JR 1st – Dallas Williams

How Does Your Garden Grow

1st – John Harford

2nd – Claire Brown

3rd – Dallas Williams

State Delegate – John Harford

State Alternate – Claire Brown

Growing with the Seasons

1st – Alicia Brielmaier

State Delegate – Alicia Brielmaier

Living History Member Record Book

1st – Emily LeVan

2nd – Emmery Howell

State Delegate – Emily LeVan

State Alternate – Emmery Howell

Western Heritage

1st – David Bohling

State Delegate – David Bohling

Finding Your Voice: Public Speaking Made Easy

1st – Gillian Knight

State Delegate – Gillian Knight

Discovering 4-H

1st – John-Pahl Ritter

2nd – Eelyah Ritter

Family History and Treasure Hunt

1st – Marah Reames

State Delegate – Marah Reames

Photography Basics, Book 1

1st – Mallory Chapman

2nd – Emily LeVan

State Delegate – Mallory Chapman

State Alternate – Emily LeVan

Next Level Photography, Book 2

1st – Ella Stoodt

2nd – Kristen Thompson

State Delegate – Ella Stoodt

State Alternate – Kristen Thompson

Robotics Essentials

1st – Cam Rutan

2nd – Carter King

State Delegate – Cam Rutan

Self-Determined Project – General Other

Jr 1st – Adam Luthman

Jr 2nd – Ezra Winner

Jr 3rd – Anthony Luthman

JR State Delegate – Adam Luthman

Sr 1st – Stephen Spofford

Sr 2nd – Orville Winner

Sr 3rd – Louis Luthman

SR State Delegate – Stephens Spofford

SR Alternate – Orville Winner

Magic of Electricity

1st – Joel Hoover

Knot Just Knots

1st – Valerie Knight

State Delegate – Valerie Knight

Get Started in Art

JR 1st – Sarah White

JR 2nd – Charlotte Bodin

JR 3rd – Hazel Rutan

SR 1st – Riley Rash

SR 2nd – Gwendolyn Miller

SR State Delegate – Riley Rash

SR State Alternate – Gwendolyn Miller

Makeover My Space

SR 1st – Courtney Hart

Scrapbooking: A Guide to Preserving Memories

JR 1st – Kara Klingler

Cake Decoration Project and Record Book – Beginning

1st – Allysson King

2nd – Madeline King

3rd – Leah Braddock

State Delegate – Allysson King

State Alternate – Madeline King

Cake Decoration Project and Record Book – Intermediate

1st – Victory Austin-Onyema

State Delegate – Victory Austin-Onyema

Self-Determined – Creative Arts, Other

1st – Issac Dillon

State Delegate – Issac Dillon

Let’s Start Cooking

1st – Vernicia Austin-Onyema

2nd – Harper Kipker

3rd – Olivia Albert

State Delegate – Vernicia Austin-Onyema

State Alternate – Harper Kipker

Yeast Breads on the Rise

1st – Samuel Knight

State Delegate – Samuel Knight

Cooking on My Own

1st – Claire Brown

State Delegate – Claire Brown

Grill Master

1st – Brantley Karn

2nd – Charlotte Bodin

State Delegate – Brantley Karn

State Alternate – Charlotte Bodin

Star Spangled Foods

1st – Layla Stone

State Delegate – Layla Stone

Everyday Food and Fitness

1st – Audriena Smith

State Delegate – Audriena Smith

Snack Attack!

1st – Isaac King

2nd – Emmery Howell

3rd – Zach Cook

State Delegate – Isaac King

State Alternate – Emmery Howell

Horseless Horse

1st – Gwendolyn Miller

Cavy Project

1st – Audriena Smith

Climbing Up: Level 2

1st – Brantley Karn

You and Your Dog

1st – Mackenzie Berry

2nd – Kathryn Corwin

3rd – Kristen Thompson

American Sign Language

1st – Ariel Brielmaier

2023 FFA Award Winners

Woodworking Overall – Alei Jones

Metals Overall – Halyn McClintick

FFA Combination Overall – Ashley Roach

FFA Miscellaneous Overall – Mylee Boysel

Student Display Overall – Talley Hartronft

Booth Awards

1st – Liberty Livestock

2nd – Premier Livestock / Benjamin Logan FFA

3rd – Willing Workers

Best Use of Theme – Showing & Growin

Most Creative – Helping Hands

Best Display of Projects – Master Mix

Best Explanation of Club Work – Riverside Hustlers

People’s Choice – Logan County Royalty