Bellefontaine Woman Arrested for OVI & Other Charges


Officers from the Bellefontaine Police Department were advised by dispatch that Jade Irwin, 26, was operating her Honda SUV while impaired Friday night around 11.

Around 1:30 AM Saturday morning, officers observed the vehicle driving southbound on North Detroit Street and quickly turning into a parking lot.

The vehicle applied the brakes abruptly, rocking the vehicle back and forth, and parked crookedly.

A traffic stop was initiated.

When officers approached the vehicle, Irwin stated she went to her grandfather’s house on West Sandusky Avenue.

Officers asked Irwin if she was aware her license was suspended due to being arrested for OVI the night prior. She admitted she knew her license was suspended.

Irwin then removed the keys to the vehicle and grabbed a pack of cigarettes. When officers asked what she was doing, she stated she was going to have her boyfriend take her belongings inside.

The officer asked Irwin if there was anything in the cigarette pack. She stated, “Just my cigarettes”.

When asked if the officer could search the cigarette pack to make sure there wasn’t anything inside of it, she tilted the pack towards the officer.

While pulling the cigarette pack away, police observed a cellophane wrapper with green paper wrapped up inside it. Inside the green paper, officers observed a white powdery substance.

Irwin stated the cigarettes were her mother’s, and she recently used her car.

She agreed that a search could be done of the vehicle, and no other narcotics were found.

Irwin showed many signs of impairment.

She performed field sobriety tests and failed.

Irwin was placed under arrest and transported to the Logan County Jail.

She was charged with possession of a controlled substance, OVI, and driving under suspension.