Benjamin Logan Holds First-Ever Holiday Sing-a-Long Event


By: Izik Cox

With just under 300 in attendance, Benjamin Logan Elementary held its 1st annual Holiday Sing-a-Long and Pancake Breakfast.

The event featured Benjamin Logan’s Elementary Choir Program performing songs for the guests to sing along to.

Benjamin Logan Elementary Music Teacher Mr. Tyler Young organized grades K-4 to perform for the public, offering multiple classic Christmas tunes for entertainment.

Benjamin Logan Elementary Principal Colleen Bodin reported that there were 275 guests served in a whopping 55 minutes. Pancakes were served courtesy of Chris Cakes Ohio

Superintendent John Scheu gave his piece with: “Personally, I enjoyed listening to the kids singing traditional Christmas songs, but my favorite was the very last song- Silent Night, sung by all grade levels. And I thought it was so meaningful to have kids go out in the crowd and give their grandparents a hug, and have the grandparents stand and wave to their grandkids.”

High School Science Teacher Mrs. LeAnn Freehauf was present and cheerful at the event: “What an awesome program. I could not stop smiling. The looks on the kids’ faces as they walked into the gym to see grandparents waving. Then, to see the grandparents waiting patiently leaning and standing, to see their little one come in to perform – Priceless memories.”

With all the hard work from students and staff, Benjamin Logan thanks the guests for coming out and supporting the students.