BES Chieftain Leaders honored by Jason Brown


Bellefontaine Elementary School recently held its second Chieftain Leader ceremony of the school year.

Students in grades K-2 were recognized for following the B-Block pledge every day. The pledge is to be safe, be respectful, and be a learner.

Bellefontaine High School Principal Jason Brown presented each recipient with their award.

Here is a list of each award recipient (student, grade):

  • Victoria Fernandez – Kindergarten
  • Ben Palmer – Kindergarten
  • Tiona Wright – Kindergarten
  • Killian Barger – Kindergarten
  • Andre Miller – Kindergarten
  • Arya Brock – Kindergarten
  • Pierce Kinchen – Kindergarten
  • Leah Overholser – Kindergarten
  • Flynt Garver – 1st Grade
  • Avery Cozad – 1st Grade
  • Melody Dick – 1st Grade
  • Averie Dapice – 1st Grade
  • Zelda Morgan – 1st Grade
  • Cylas Board – 1st Grade
  • Maci Rumer – 1st Grade
  • Madeline Masters – 1st Grade
  • Austin Owens – 2nd Grade
  • Desirae Ball – 2nd Grade
  • Gavin Williams – 2nd Grade
  • Maddix Burton – 2nd Grade
  • Abrianna Cox – 2nd Grade
  • Ellie Preston – 2nd Grade

Each student rang a bell after receiving their award. Each recipient also received a T-shirt. The ceremony is held after each nine-week grading period.

This is the fifth year of the program at BES.