BHS Service Learning Assisting with Food Insecurity Locally


The Bellefontaine High School service learning classes are working in conjunction with Second Harvest Food Bank to bring quality groceries to local families in need.

The program is led by service learning coordinator Rick Reed.

The service learning class blends classroom work with authentic service missions to engage the students in the community.

Second Harvest delivers a few pallets of food each Monday. The class organizes the food into family boxes and then delivers the food to homes on Tuesdays.

Reed shared, “We started the program last school year, but it took us a while to get the logistics down. We’re available to deliver to families in Bellefontaine, with a focus on referring families inside our city schools.

“There are several options locally for folks to get food. We work closely with Our Daily Bread along with Second Harvest, and we wanted to focus on the delivery option. We really are trying to reach working families who don’t normally access local services but can still use a pick-me-up.

“It’s a rewarding class to teach. We’re able to look deeply at issues affecting us locally. Food Insecurity is a complex issue with complex causes and solutions. We enjoy engaging in that and being a small part of the solution locally.”