Child Protective Services worker & Sheriff threatened

On Wednesday, a Child Protective Services worker went to administer a drug test to Aaron Johnson. This is a case involving an infant child in the home.

Aaron became angry with the worker and threatened to shoot and kill her and the sheriff if they came to remove the baby.

Richard Johnson, Aaron’s father, then came outside and stated that Aaron was right and that if the Logan County Children Services tried to remove the baby, they would be shot and killed and not make it off the porch, and it would be a “blood bath.”

The worker then returned to her office and reported the incident to the Logan County Sheriff’s Office.

Later that afternoon, deputies went to the Johnson residence, while Logan County Children Services were stationed nearby. Aaron came to the door but denied making any threats. Aaron stated that the only thing he said is that he was willing to die on the hill for the baby.

When authorities advised Aaron that he was under arrest, he began to struggle and pull away until he was told that if he did not stop he would be tased. Aaron then allowed deputies to place him in handcuffs and in the back of a cruiser.

Once the scene was safe, Logan County Children Services was able to remove the infant from the residence with no issues.

Aaron was transported to the Logan County Jail and charged with aggravated menacing and resisting arrest.

Richard Johnson was not on the scene during this incident, and the Logan County Sheriff’s Office has requested a warrant for him with the charge of aggravated menacing.