DeGraff Village Council Recap


The DeGraff Village Council met in regular session Tuesday night with a light agenda.

Village Administrator Ken McAlexander reported to the council that work has temporarily stopped on the water plant because of material shortages, but the work is still progressing. Also, the water loop project is a few weeks away from completion. It might be necessary for the village to apply for grant funding to finish the project. He will keep the council updated as events warrant.

It was also reported that the electric aggregation contract the village received was reviewed by Solicitor Zeb Wagner, and he recommended several changes to the contract. It was sent back to the originating company for their review.

Fire Chief Greg Beatty informed the council that his department currently has three recruits who are in the process of completing their training. They are expected to be done in early May. Additionally, the department has applied for two state grants totaling $30,000 that will be used for equipment.

Fiscal Officer Kassandra Staley recommended to the council that they change the way that records are stored. There is no requirement, according to Staley, that paper documents be stored. She recommended scanning all the records and storing them digitally. She will explore options and update the council as needed.

One ordinance was considered. It would allow the village to administer rental fees for the park shelter house. The council waived the three-reading rule and adopted the ordinance.

Mayor Stephanie Orsborne had one new agenda item. She said she received notice that the responsibility for erecting signs recognizing the Riverside High School 2023 state championship bowling team lies with the village. She said she thought that the state was responsible for that, but was told it was up to the village. She said she would begin to take measurements and present information to the council in the near future.

Osborne also reminded the council that there is currently an open seat. Anyone who may be interested should contact her office at 937-585-6632.

The council will next meet on Tuesday, March 5th at 7:00 PM.