Eclipse Events Committee Holds Recap


The Solar Eclipse Events Committee held its wrap-up meeting at the Logan County History Center, on Wednesday afternoon.

Heads of the committee; Amber Fagan from the Indian Lake Chamber of Commerce, Lydia Hess from the Logan County Chamber of Commerce, and Helen Norris from the Logan County EMA thanked the core group for their service to the community.

Organizing events, reporting happenings, and making sure things run smoothly is no small feat.

Many of the events were planned more than two years in advance.

Norris held mock incidents so that community leaders could be prepared for worst-case scenarios.

The group reported that traffic in Logan County was not nearly as congested as it was thought could be, however, were thankful that it was not.

The general census of the group concluded that the area events were well attended for the solar eclipse and that the experience was amazing.

Local hotels were booked, Air B&B’s were maxed out, events sold out and one business owner reported that she sold more than 700 t-shirts commemorating the event.

Over all the group felt like the once-in-a-lifetime experience was worth all the planning and preparation.

Members of the committee include: (Not all are pictured above)

  • Jill McKelvey
  • April King
  • Andrea Wrockledge
  • Rebekah Smith
  • Wes Dodds
  • Todd McCormick
  • Jamison Thornton
  • Margaret Piatt
  • Kelsey Webb
  • Greg Titus
  • Anna Louden
  • Hiedie Whitman
  • Michelle Grandi