Election Results: Mathews Defeats Cross; City Parks to Get Facelift


22% of Logan County voters cast a ballot Tuesday while 31% turned out in Champaign County.

Incumbent Jon Cross lost in the 83rd District State Representative race to Ty Mathews.  Mathews received 66% of the vote while Cross collected 34%. Ty Mathews will now face off with Sheila Coressel in the November election.

Democrat Sherrod Brown and Bernie Moreno will compete to win the U.S. Senator spot for Ohio. Locally in Logan County Moreno took 2,871 votes to Frank Larose’s 1,112 and Matt Dolan’s 1,785. In Champaign County, Moreno had 3,314 votes, Matt Dolan had 2,101, and Frank LaRose received 955.

In Logan County, two local races came down to the wire. The Bellefontaine income tax for parks improvement passed by 13 votes 798 to 786.  The Logan County Children’s Services levy was the closest race of the night.  It lost by 6 votes 3,488 to 3,482.  There will be a mandatory recount in this race.

Logan County numbers

Bellefontaine Income Tax for Parks Improvement

For the Tax 798

Against the Tax 786


Logan County Children’s Services Levy

For the Levy 3,482

Against the Levy 3,488


West Liberty-Salem Permanent Improvements Levy (Renewal)

For the Levy 458

Against the Levy 259

(Partial results–Champaign County numbers to be included)


Village of West Mansfield Electric Aggregation

Yes 58

No 29


Camp Brewing Local Option

Yes 248

No 97


Camp Brewing Sunday Sales

Yes 241

No 105


GNG Petroleum Local Option

Yes 261

No 136


GNG Petroleum Sunday Sales

Yes 238

No 157


Champaign County will have a new Sheriff.  Matt Melvin lost to Chad Burroughs by 13 votes. Burroughs will be unopposed in the fall election.

Champaign County numbers

Champaign County Sheriff

Matt Melvin 3,245

Chad Burroughs 3,258


Christiansburg Fire and Ambulance Replacement Levy

For the Levy 81

Against the Levy 47


Christiansburg Current Expenses Replacement Levy

For the Levy 68

Against the Levy 60


Mechanicsburg Fire & EMS Additional Levy

For the Levy 162

Against the Levy 113


Goshen Township Fire & EMS Additional Levy

For the Levy 213

Against the Levy 263


Harrison Township Constructing Twp. Building Additional Levy

For the Levy 116

Against the Levy 158


Graham Local Schools 1% Income Tax

For the Tax 1,117

Against the Tax 2,325


Mechanicsburg School Emergency Renewal Levy

For the Levy 514

Against the Levy 518


Springfield-Clark Career Technical Center Additional Levy

For the Levy 12

Against the Levy 30

(Partial results to be combined with Clark County)


West Liberty-Salem Schools Renewal Levy

For the Levy 405

Against the Levy 294

(Also passed in Logan County)