Jr. Fair Hog Sale Results; auction brings in $10,000 for single hog from community


The 2023 Champaign County Junior Fair Market Hog Sale took place Thursday afternoon.

Taking top seller in the show was Riley McAlexander. McAlexander’s hog was sold for over $13,000. Generous community members, supporters, and businesses pooled together $10,000, and further donations are still being accepted. Her hog sold for approximately $3,000. McAlexander could not be at the sale due to personal reasons.

Madison Ripley (Division 1 Champion Barrow) sold her hog for $7,680.

Dena Wilson (Reserve Champion Overall Market Gilt) sold her hog for $3,200.

Dena Wilson (right)

See the results of the champions of this year’s hog side of the junior fair below:

  • Cale Hall, Champion Overall Market Gilt, $2,500
  • Zane Evans, Champion Overall Market Barrow, $540
  • Dena Wilson, Reserve Champion Overall Market Gilt, $3,200
  • Solomon Warye, Champion Born and Raised Gilt, $3,150
  • Kaitlyn Metz, Champion Born and Raised Barrow, $575
  • Sarah Beattie, Champion Performance, $800
  • Lin Current, Reserve Champion Performance, $755
  • Payton Hodge, Showman of Showman, $750
  • Griffin Astorino, Intermediate 4-H Showman, $675
  • Ayla Lensman, Junior 4-H Showman, $1,100
  • Kaisley Bishop, Rookie 4-H Showman, $790
  • Ryleigh Schafer, FFA Senior Showman, $1,800
  • Adler Perry, FFA Jr. Showman, $425
  • Kaden Gochenouer, Reserve Champion Lean Grain Performance, $1,000
  • Rebecca Fraley, Champion Purebred Gilt, $400
  • Ruby Forrest, Reserve Champion Purebred Gilt, $720
  • Kole Bishop, Champion Purebred Barrow, $1,100
  • Maci Runkle, Division 1 Champion Gilt, $1,300
  • Madison Ripley, Division 1 Champion Barrow, $7,680
  • Ava Astorino, Division 3 Champion Barrow, $2,700
  • Levi Yelton, Division 5 Champion Barrow, $500
  • Dezmond Tayler, Division 1 Reserve Champion Barrow, $750
  • Riley McAlexander, 4-H Market Gilt Rosewood Livestock Club, $13,000+

The Champaign County Junior Fair is thankful for all of those who came out and supported the 2023 Champaign County Junior Fair Market Hog Sale Auction.