Local Leaders Work on Housing Options for Indian Lake


Several local leaders met Monday to brainstorm and come up with housing solutions for those displaced by the recent Indian Lake Tornado.

Together, with RV Wholesalers, they came up with a plan that is ready to be set in place but needs a little funding and a whole lot of faith.

RV Wholesalers owners, Dave and Mike Durnell are no strangers to disaster relief.

They have worked with officials through Hurricane Katrina, are now working in Hawaii, and have helped out with several other disaster relief efforts.

I caught up with Ben Vollrath, the Logan County Public Information Officer, and chatted about all the details:

The thoughts brought to the table included the possibility of RVs being placed as shelters until residents can rebuild.

Logan County Commissioner Joe Antram chimes in on the idea:

More details about possible housing options for those displaced in the Indian Lake area will be available after FEMA comes to the area on Tuesday.

Funding will play a large role in how quickly plans can be solidified.