Logan County Board of DD Awarded ARPA Grant


The Logan County Board of Developmental Disabilities was awarded ARPA Grant funding this year from the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities.

One initiative of the grant was to help individuals with disabilities access community resources by improving the infrastructure of various resources that are already available.

The Early Intervention Department at LCBDD utilized funding from ARPA by providing sensory kits to help families and individuals access public libraries in the county.

The sensory kits contain items that library patrons can use to help with the ability to focus, remain comfortable, and stay calm.

Some adults and children have different responses to sensory information in their environment, such as light, sound, and movement.

For some, the sounds and brightness of a library may be too much and cause them to be distracted or uncomfortable.

To help with these needs, the kits contain noise-canceling headphones and sunglasses to help block out distracting lights and sounds.

Sometimes these sounds are not noticeable to people who do not have highly sensitive sensory systems, but to those who notice the smallest of sounds, the headphones can help with concentration and focus.

Sunglasses are also provided to help dilute the bright fluorescent lights for those who find artificial lighting distracting or even painful.

A few other items are weighted lap pads and wiggle seats. The weighted lap pad helps with feeling grounded and aware of your body in space.

The wiggle seat cushion allows for subtle movement without distracting others.

Sensory kits will be available at the Logan County library branches starting the week of June 10th.

The kits contain a listing of each item and what sensory system it can help with.

Each kit contains about 20 items that can address needs in movement, vision, and sound.

The kits will be available by request at the front desk at each of the Logan County Libraries (locations: Knowlton, DeGraff, Lakeview, Rushsylvania, West Liberty, and West Mansfield).

The kit can be checked out and used within the library. Patrons will return the kits prior to leaving the library.

To learn more about sensory regulation visit https://www.theottoolbox.com/understanding-sensory-dysregulation/.

If you have concerns regarding your child’s development, please contact Early Intervention at 937-292-3065 or visit www.logancbdd.org.