Logan County CIC Reviews Airport Economic Assessment


The Logan County Community Improvement Corporation (CIC) met Friday morning to go over the results of the Bellefontaine Regional Airport Economic Impact Assessment that Brent Lane from Ohio University conducted in 2022.

Lane worked with Steve Buchenroth & Jim Holycross from Midwest Corporate Air, as well as the Logan County CIC and the City of Bellefontaine.

Bellefontaine Regional Airport’s total impacts from the study include:

  • Employment: 51.2 jobs
  • Labor Income: $2.7 million annual payroll
  • Value Added: $3.5 million
  • Output: $6.3 million

Ben Vollrath explains what all these numbers mean to our community & what the next steps are for the airport:

“Bellefontaine Regional Airport has transformed from a small airport with a flight school, to a large flight school with an airport around it,” said Lane.