MHDAS Awarded Grant from Ohio Department of Health and Addiction Services


The Mental Health, Drug, and Alcohol Services Board of Logan and Champaign Counties is pleased to announce the award of the Strong Families, Safe Communities Grant received from the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services.

MHDAS will partner with the Champaign and Logan County Family and Children First Council’, PASS (Prevention Awareness Support Services), Adriel, Ohio Fitness and Martial Arts, and the Champaign County YMCA.

Over the next two years, MHDAS will receive $397,497.00, distributed to grant partners to implement the services.

The service population for this grant will be multisystem families to serve at-risk youth by providing opportunities to build protective factors through facilitating youth- and family-focused programming.

The goals for this proposed program include improving the youth’s interpersonal skills, increasing positive family relationships, and improving positive social connections.

Opportunities include a Youth Opportunity Club facilitated by the Champaign County YMCA and Ohio Fitness and Martial Arts.

A program that will focus on the spirit, mind, and body of youth in grades 9 through 12.

Family Coaching, a community-based service that promotes the stability and well-being of children by helping families address their unique needs, will be provided by Adriel.

Therapeutic Mentoring, provided by PASS (Prevention Awareness Support Services), will provide one-on-one, structured, strength-based support services to multisystem youth to address communication, daily living, and social needs.

Parent Peer Support will be offered through Champaign County Family and Children First Council and will provide hands-on parent peer support.

Individuals with lived experiences can meet with families in their homes or the community.

To learn more about the grant and how referrals can be made, please get in touch with Brenda Rock, Director of Champaign County Family and Children First Council (, or Janie Summers, Director of Logan County Family and Children First Council (