Ohio Hi-Point Board Wraps up Year


By: Izik Cox

The Ohio Hi-Point Board of Education met in regular session Wednesday evening to wrap up the Career Center’s year.

Following an annual holiday dinner, the Board calls the meeting into session starting with roll call, all but 3 were present at the meeting.

The meeting began with the recognition of Milken Educator Award Recipient Mr. Ryan Gilbert in his winning of the prestigious commendation.

Students were brought in to express their thoughts on Gilbert’s award-winning education.

The following was said about Mr. Gilbert:

  • “He is so helpful, kind, and caring to his students no matter what.”
  • “He (Mr. Gilbert) is what I look forward to each day, he’s had the most impact on my educational life.”

Mr. Ryan Gilbert addressed the board with the following: “All I do is give them the opportunity, and they rise to it. I couldn’t give them that opportunity if it wasn’t for you guys…(the board).”

The Board ended the presentation with a final thank-you to the English teacher for his outstanding ability to reach out to students.

Mr. Jeff Burroughs was congratulated on 20 years of service.

Burroughs was given the podium to express his thanks to the board for all his years with them, and to wish them all the best as he moves on with his opportunities at 70 years old.

December 2023 Main Campus Students of the Month were also recognized:

  • Hope Brownlee, Criminal Justice, Riverside High School
  • Duskin Jones, Graphic Media Arts, Benjamin Logan High School

Brad Richardson provided a Career Tech Update which included different programs at Ohio Hi-Point and several different lesson kits.

13 hands-on full-class lesson kits are available to teach kids K-12.

The following events are scheduled for the Board:

  • 2024 Organizational Board of Education Meeting – January 24, 2024 at 6:30 p.m.
  • Regular January Board of Education Meeting – January 24, 2024, at 7 p.m.

All following motions were carried out with 100% approval.

  • Approval of the Minutes
  • Action Items for Consideration as Recommended by the Treasurer
  • Approval of November 2023 Financial Statement
  • Interest and Investments
  • Appropriation Modifications, Transfers, and Advances
  • HB312 Purchasing Card 2023 Report
  • Disposal of Assets (Computer Science Scrap)
  • Action Items for Consideration as Recommended by the Superintendent
  • Internship Agreements
  • Employment, Certified Substitutes 2023/2024 School Year
  • Resignation
  • Textbook Approval
  • Ohio School Boards Association Annual Membership Renewal 2024
  • ASPIRE Champion Fund

Approved an internship agreement with the following:

  • Maple Crest Senior Living Village Bluffton
  • Pleasant Precision, Inc. & Round Mate Kenton
  • Superior Plastics, Inc. Plain City
  • Wings Support & Recovery Marysville

Selection of Supplier for the Administration Building Loose Furniture and Equipment Supply and Install Project and Authorizing an Agreement with the Selected Supplier.

$90,000 was allotted for this fund.

The meeting was called to adjourn with a “Happy Holidays” message from Superintendant Dr. Rick Smith.