Ohioans Reject Issue 1; Majority of Logan County for it


Ohio voters rejected Issue 1 Tuesday, keeping the threshold to amend Ohio’s constitution at a simple majority.

With Issue 1 failing, Ohio will maintain its existing simple majority requiring 50% plus one vote to pass a constitutional amendment in the state.

The Ohio vote was 57% against the issue, with 3,059,440 people voting across the state.

Locally, Logan County Residents rallied in support of Issue 1 in Bellefontaine Tuesday.

Just a little over 3000 voters were in person yesterday, a record-breaking amount. Almost 30% of registered voters voted in the Special Election.

Logan County Yes: 64%

  • Absentee Votes: 3,749
  • Election Day: 2,399
  • Total: 6,148

Logan County No: 36%

  • Absentee Votes: 2,509
  • Election Day: 853
  • Total: 3,362