PAFR Offers Overview of Logan County Financial Information


Three years ago, Logan County issued its first Popular Annual Financial Report (PAFR).

This was created for members of the community to easily review and understand some of the basic information and finances of local government within the county.

We created a PAFR that is interesting and will help people learn a little more about Logan County, where the County’s money comes from, and how it gets spent.”

Jack Reser, Logan County Auditor

More detailed financial information on Logan County can be found on an AOS Audit Report.

The reports are presented using generally accepted accounting principles, which is the standard format for government accounting.

The reports can be found online at the Logan County,

Free hard copies of the new PAFR are also available to the public at the County Auditor’s office.

In addition, the Logan County detailed activity can be seen and reviewed online HERE.

Logan County strives to be financially transparent with the community. We always want there to be an easy, reader-friendly source of information available to the public.”

Jack Reser, Logan County Auditor