Perfect attendance nets recognition and gift cards for Riverside students


Riverside schools recognized 57 students in grades 7-12 that had perfect attendance for the first 9 weeks, second 9 weeks, and first semester. For their excellent achievement, students were awarded a certificate and received a catered lunch. Students with perfect attendance for the 1st semester also received a $20 gift card to an area restaurant. The awards were provided in part by Logan County Educational Foundation. Riverside would like to thank the Logan County Education Foundation for its continued support of our community.

1st 9-weeks

7th Grade: Jony Godinez, Drake Kleeberger, Liam Shoe, Abi Strayer

8th Grade: Ayden Bortree, Colton Hurley, Kara Klingler, Kagen Peoples, Courtney Richmond, Victoria Seeley, Leila Watson

Freshman: Gage Ervin, Lillian Huber, Eli Kindle, Hayden McCully, Camden Shoe, Ce’Jay Watson, Mariah Williams

Sophomores: Zach Bradley, Trena Chevalier, Aubree Huston, Jaidyn Jackson, Kaitlyn Jackson, Damien Smith, Talon Strayer, Dominick Trimble

Juniors: Hadlie Asbury, Faith Brownlee, Nate Copas, Julia Fleming, Hailey Noggler, Rielee Richmond, Gavin Robinson

Seniors: Skylar Barhorst, Briana Bradley, Dallas Hoffer, Skyler Hudson, Sadie Hughes, Nataleigh Lewellen

2nd 9-weeks

7th Grade: Cecil Ellis, Garrett Mahurin, Brody Orsborne, Liam Shoe

8th Grade: Zane Armbruster, Carson Klingelhofer, Annabelle Schlumbohm

Freshman: Joel Brooks, Gage Ervin, Eli Kindle, Ayden Mees, Leland Warner

Sophomores: Houston Anderson, Travis Brooks, Kelsey Burt, Julie Meade, Wyatt Popp

Juniors: Faith Brownlee, Nate Copas, Kristina Plank

Seniors: Jade Copas, Skyler Hudson

1st Semester

7th Grade: Liam Shoe

Freshman: Gage Ervin, Eli Kindle

Juniors: Faith Brownlee, Nate Copas

Senior: Skyler Hudson