Schoen Enters Guilty Plea to Sexual Battery


In a Logan County Courtroom Thursday, Tanner Schoen pleaded guilty to three counts of Sexual Battery, felonies of the third degree.

The reduction of charges is part of a plea agreement between Schoen and the Logan County Prosecutors Office.

Retired Marion County Judge William Finnegan presided over the hearing.

He was appointed by the Ohio Supreme Court after Judge Kevin Braig recused himself from the case.

Schoen was asked several questions by Judge Finnegan including if he agreed to the plea agreement in which he answered yes.

Each count of Sexual battery holds a maximum prison sentence of up to 5 years and a fine of up to $10,000.

Schoen will be classified as a Tier III sex offender for the rest of his life.

In July of 2023, the Logan County Grand Jury indicted Schoen, former Ohio Hi-Point/Indian Lake FFA Advisor and Agriculture Instructor, on several charges.

Schoen was charged with 10 counts of Sexual Battery and 1 count of Rape.

Dates of the charges range from August 19, 2020, through May 24, 2023.

At that time Schoen entered a plea of not guilty to all charges.

Schoen’s attorney is Marc S. Tripplett.

One victim is listed in this case.

The Logan County Sheriff’s Office began investigating Schoen in mid-June of 2023 after they were contacted by school officials regarding an inappropriate relationship with a student.

Schoen is scheduled for sentencing on Wednesday, February 21, at 11:00.