2023 Soybean Harvest Underway


More tractors are on the road and in the fields around Logan County, as Harvest 2023 kicked off last week.

Soybean harvest is well underway and the yields are all over the place.

Just outside of Bellefontaine farmers are seeing about 50 bushels/acre, while West Liberty and Lewistown are seeing more like 70 BPA.

Local farmers say that the wet start to the season and dry mid-season is what is affecting numbers.

Around the US numbers are averaging 49.16 BPA.

Following yesterday’s noon USDA report release, corn was up $.05, soybeans up $.22, and wheat went up $.06.

Moments before the report was released, corn was down $.04, soybeans up $.02, and wheat was down $.05.

Corn harvest is expected to begin in most of the county in the next 7-10 days depending on rain.

If you are traveling around the county, be sure to give yourself a few extra minutes to get around.

Please be patient and drive slowly around farm vehicles as you encounter them.

They may not be able to see you due to their size and many blind spots inside the vehicle.

When turning, machinery may take wider turns and have to travel into both lanes of the road to properly turn.

Everyone wants to stay safe during Harvest 2023.