Spotlight: Piatt Castle Mac-A-Cheek


Today’s Logan County Spotlight is on Piatt Castles.

There are two castles near West Liberty, Mac-A-Cheek and Mac-O-Chee. Both beautiful homes are made out of limestone that came from the family land. They were also built on different parcels of land and homes to brothers, General Abram Piatt and Colonel Donn Piatt.

The land was home to seven generations of one family. Five of those generations have lived in the Mac-A-Cheek home. Four of the generations have lived in the home while it’s been open for tours. Opening the home for tours was a way to bring in some income when they needed it.

In 1828, the Piatt family moved to the area from Cincinnati. Benjamin Piatt acquired his first parcel of land in 1817, and he ended up with a 1,700-acre farm. Benjamin and Elizabeth Piatt were the first generation with Donn and Abram as their children.

After serving in the Civil War, General Abram Piatt returned home and continued running the family farm. In 1864, Abram began building Castle Mac-A-Cheek and in seven years it was finished. All the materials used to build the home, except the glass and slate roof, came from the Piatt property.

The home has many of its original furnishings and has a collection of Indian artifacts, family military weapons, paintings, books, and more.

By 1912, Abram’s son, William, opened a part of the historic home for public tours.

Mac-O-Chee was open for public tours for many years like Mac-A-Cheek. In 2019, Mac-O-Chee Castle was sold to private owners and is no longer open while it’s being restored.

Mac-A-Cheek continues to offer tours and has many educational and cultural programs when it’s open from April to October. All tours are self-guided journeys through unique spaces. There are historical artifacts, photographs, exhibits, and explanatory text for one to view and learn about. At the home, you can explore Piatt’s family history while also thinking about your family history and how it compares and contrasts.

In the Mac-A-Cheek home, there is a Farm Office, Main Hallway, Library, and Drawing Room on the first floor. On the second floor, there is an Archive and Military Room, along with an Upper Hallway and Bedrooms. These names are the same names that were used when the home was new.

Drawing Room

There are floor plans so that visitors can see where they are in the home. Questions are posed on each floor plan sign to generate thinking, curiosity, and discovery about family possessions/history, American homes compared to castles, or anything else that sparks one’s mind.

Margaret Piatt, President of Piatt Castle Co. Inc., explains why people come to Piatt Castle Mac-A-Cheek:

The spacious lawn and trees enclose beautiful picturesque angles of the castle. Visitors find the setting as relaxing and enchanting. The quietness from the traffic, birds chirping, leaves rustling, or blooming flowers create a mesmerizing setting.

Mac-A-Cheek is a great venue for weddings as the castle is a perfect backdrop.

Margaret Piatt explains when Piatt Castle Mac-A-Cheek is open, admission prices, and tells about the last free upcoming event this month called Autumn Games & Halloween Customs:

While Piatt Castle Mac-A-Cheek is open, admission to the grounds and outdoor exhibits is free. Each guest will need their own ticket to tour the home and indoor exhibits. Tickets may be purchased at Mac-A-Cheek or in advance at the website.

Their phone number is (937) 465-2821.

Castle Mac-A-Cheek is located at 10051 Township Road 47, West Liberty, OH 43357.

Until October 29, Piatt Castle Mac-A-Cheek is open during weekends from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. After October 29, the castle will close for the winter season and open back up in the spring. The first free public event of 2024 will be on Saturday, March 30th at 4 p.m. called Historical Easter Customs.

The website can be found here.