Summer Enrichment Academy in Full Swing


For many students, summer break means sleeping late, spending time outside, or taking vacations with the family. However, for some second through eighth-grade students, summer is the time for the Summer Enrichment Academy.

According to program co-administrator Sally Stolly from the Benjamin Logan school district, the Summer Enrichment Academy (SEA) started in the 1980s as a Saturday-only program during the summer. After a few year hiatus, the program was restarted in 2004 as a week-long program, except for the Covid years, it has happened every summer since.

Stolly discusses the goals of the academy: 

Co-administrator Angie Horvath from the Bellefontaine school district said that the academy is taught by educators, community leaders, and local business owners from all over the county. Horvath discusses the teaching staff: 

The class teachers have a wide range of expertise, and the hope is that these classes will expose the students to new skills and provide valuable life skills to the students. As Horvath put it, the mantra for the academy is Grow in Curiosity.

Applications go out to students in March and students select their top three choices from several classes including dancing, tennis, guitar, and, the most popular class, shark dissection. The registration fee is $65, with scholarships offered to students on the Free and Reduced Lunch Program for $20.

Co-administrator Kelli Tebbe from Indian Lake said that in January and February, sponsorship letters go out to local businesses soliciting their support. Sponsorships range from $100 to $500, and the academy relies on business listings from the Logan County Chamber of Commerce. Tebbe discusses the collaborative effort involving local business partners:

The Summer Enrichment Academy takes place at Bellefontaine High School and runs through Friday, June 14th.