Tracey takes three Champion titles at Born and Raised Goat Show


Wednesday evening was the Goat Breeders Born and Raised Show at the Logan County Fair.

For nearly two hours, exhibitors presented their animals to the judge and were awarded for their efforts.

Market Goats

Class 1

1st Madelynn Hamm

2nd Audrey Warren

3rd Madelynn Hamm

Class 2

1st Nahla Payne

2nd Jaidyn Jackson

3rd Carter Crumm

Class 3

1st Zoey Ransbottom

2nd Izabella Meister

3rd Hayden Yoder

Lightweight Division Champion: Nahla Payne

Lightweight Reserve Champion: Jaidyn Jackson

Class 4

1st Annie Braig

2nd Carter Crumm

3rd Courtney Altstaetter

Class 5

1st Nathan Hoffman

2nd Annie Braig

3rd Shannyn Brunson

Class 6

1st Kayla Tracey

2nd Nahla Payne

3rd Haylee Rutherford

Middleweight Division Champion: Kayla Tracey

Middleweight Reserve Champion: Annie Braig

Class 7

1st Jonas Hoffman

2nd Rylee Yelton

3rd Hayes Robison

Class 8

1st Kayla Tracey

2nd Robert Crumm

3rd Nahla Payne

Class 9

1st Zeke Reynolds

2nd Harper Elliott

3rd Elizabeth James

Heavyweight Division Champion: Kayla Tracey

Heavyweight Reserve Champion: Jonas Hoffman

Born and Raised Market Goat Champion: Kayla Tracey

Born and Raised Market Goat Reserve Champion: Jonas Hoffman

Two-times Reserve Champion Jonas Hoffman

3rd place: Kayla Tracey (with other goat)

4th place: Annie Braig

5th place: Jaidyn Jackson