United Way Campaign hits homestretch with goal in reach

Submitted by Dave Bezusko

With three weeks remaining in the year and in the 2022 United Way Campaign, the organization reports pledges have exceeded the $952,000 mark and the stretch goal of $1.1 million is within reach.

“Logan County is a true example of a community filled with compassion,” said Bethany Watts of Richwood Bank, one of United Way’s Campaign Co-Chairs. “To think that we’re in sight of reaching one million dollars or more raised for the 5th year in a row – I’m not sure that’s an accomplishment that anyone would have dreamed a possibility. It is a true testament to the people that make Logan county the best place to work and live.”

“I am ecstatic!” said Carol Champion of Citizens Federal Savings & Loan, one of United Way’s Campaign Co-Chairs. “With inflation, I was worried that we might not be able to attain our goal.”

The Campaign is on the cusp of a new milestone thanks to record-level support in 17 workplace campaigns where employees are given the opportunity to give via payroll deduction. Benjamin Logan Schools; Citizens Federal Savings & Loan; Daido Metal USA; Green Hills Community; Indian Lake Schools; Logan County Electric Cooperative; Logan County Government Employees; Marker, Inc.; NX Automotive; PCPI Plastics; Riverside Schools; RTC Services; Smith Smith Montgomery & Chamberlain; Transportation Research Center; United Way; West Liberty-Salem Schools; and Zimmerman Realty have all achieved all-time highs in giving so far this year.

Logan County is the smallest community in Ohio to ever have a $1 million campaign and it’s happened four years in a row. Money raised by United Way will support 45 programs of 26 Logan County human service agencies in 2023. United Way fights for the health, education, and financial stability of everyone in Logan County. It does so by facilitating successful agency partnerships that enable a safe, healthy, and caring community. More than just a fundraiser, United Way collaborates with businesses, non-profits, government, and civic organizations to help meet the social service needs of the community.

Year-end donors wishing to help push the campaign over the top by December 31 can make a tax-deductible gift to United Way online at www.uwlogan.org or by mail at: United Way, 653 S. Main Street, Bellefontaine, Ohio, 43311. One can commit a pledge today and make payment on it through 2023. You can also participate in United Way’s annual Online Auction, which is taking place through Monday on Peak of Ohio’s Shopping Show: https://shoppingshow.bigdealsmedia.net/category/4495/united-way-auction.

“There’s still time to play a part in helping our community, and every donation counts towards hitting our goals,” said David Willoby, of The Middlefield Banking Company, one of United Way’s Campaign Co-Chairs. “These Logan County agencies can stretch every dollar a long way.”