Village of Belle Center to Flush Hydrants


Belle Center residents will notice fire hydrants are being flushed and releasing large amounts of water into the streets beginning Monday at 8 AM.

Hydrants throughout the village will be flushed daily for the rest of April.

While it may appear that hundreds of gallons are going to waste, there are several benefits to this hydrant flushing process.

Water main flushing is an important preventative maintenance activity that:

  • verifies proper operation of the hydrant
  • evaluates the available flow to the hydrant
  • allows utilities to deliver the highest quality water possible to their customers
  • removes mineral and sediment buildup from the water mains

During the flushing, you might experience a difference in the water pressure in your faucets and possibly some discoloration in the water.

If you notice your water is discolored or cloudy, allow water to run until it is clear.