Chieftain boys win league swim title – CBC swim results


The Central Buckeye Conference (CBC) Swim meet was held Friday at Trotwood-Madison.

The Bellefontaine boys won the league title with 226.5 points.

For the Chiefs:

Blake McDonald (25.5 points) 2nd 100 Free (PR -.18), 2nd 100 Back (PR -1.11)

Elias Abrego (24 points) 2nd 100 Fly (PR -2.21), 4th 50 Free (PR -0.88)

John Fulmer (24 points) 3rd 100 Fly (PR -5.08), 3rd 100 Back

Aidan Mifsud (23 points) 2nd 200 IM (PR -1.59), 5th 100 Free (PR -0.07)

Cooper Harman (16 points) 6th 100 Fly (PR -4.24), 7th 500 Free (PR -18)

Nolan Core (15 points) 5th 200 Free, 8th 500 Free

Ryan Alexander (9 points) 8th 200 Free (PR -3.3), 9th 500 Free

Cody Hudson (9 points) 8th 200 IM (PR -4.56), 9th 100 Breast (PR -2.91)

Beckham Harman (7 points) 7th 200 IM (PR -8.25)

200 Medley Relay – 3rd (PR -2.11) – John Fulmer, Aidan Mifsud, Elias Abrego, Nolan Core

200 Free Relay – 3rd (PR -3.56) – Elias Abrego, John Fulmer, Nolan Core, Blake McDonald

400 Free Relay – 2nd (PR -8.21) – Aidan Mifsud, Cooper Harman, Ryan Alexander, Blake McDonald

“Our boys are a true team. They did not have a single first place finish tonight but grabbed 9 medal finishes from 9 scoring athletes with 6 boys scoring double digits,” said Head Coach Sharon Lewis. “The team dropped nearly 87 seconds, including top drops of an 8 seconds in the 400 Free Relay, 18 seconds off for Cooper Harman in the 500, Beckham Harman dropping 8 seconds in the IM, Devin George & Blaine Mitchell knocking off 6 each in 100 Free, and John Fulmer dropping 5 seconds in 100 Fly. I am extremely proud of these boys. Every day they show up, work hard, and have fun. It was an amazing night from start to finish – they earned it.”

The Lady Chiefs finished 3rd out of 11 teams in the league scoring 202 points.

For Bellefontaine:

Morgan Henry (28 points) – 3rd 50 Free (PR -0.18), 100 Fly (SB -3.77)

Bellefontaine’s Morgan Henry

Olivia Ullom (24 points) – 3rd 200 Free (PR -8.7), 3rd 100 Breast (PR -3.21)

Joslyn Robinson (22 points) – 2nd 200 IM (SB -4.91), 6th 100 Back (PR -1.25)

Ashton Carey (18 points) – 6th 200 Free (PR -2.48), 6th 500 Free (-3.39)

Elaina Ullom (14 points) – 6th 100 Free (PR -2.4), 8th 100 Breast (-1.47)

Kate Myers (10 points) – 5th 200 IM (PR -2.7)

Kaeleigh Flora (6 points) – 8th 200 IM (PR -4.18), 12th 100 Fly

Zoey Rister (5 points) – 9th 200 Free, 12th 500 Free (-6.23)

Maddie Ullom (4 points) – 9th 100 Back (PR -1.22)

Emma Merrin (1 point) – 12th 200 Free (-5.86)

200 Medley Relay – 5th (PR -6.29) – Kate Myers, Elaina Ullom, Kaeleigh Flora, Ashton Carey

200 Free Relay – 2nd (PR -4.9) – Olivia Ullom, Elaina Ullom, Joslyn Robinson, Morgan Henry

400 Free Relay – 3rd (PR -4.12) – Olivia Ullom, Kate Myers, Joslyn Robinson, Morgan Henry

“Led by three outstanding seniors, Morgan Henry, Joslyn Robinson, and Olivia Ullom, our girls really showed up ready to fight,” said Coach Lewis. “Henry pulled out a win in the 100 Fly and a 3rd place medal in 50 free – after spending much of the season limited following knee surgery – she has worked as hard as she can and this moment was incredible. Robinson came back to medal in the 200 IM for the 3rd time in her career with a big season-best time, and Ullom dropped a ridiculous 8.7 seconds in the 200 Free and 3.2 seconds in the breaststroke to medal in both events.

“This whole team has been improving and coming together all season. Scoring over 200 points in such a strong meet is impressive. As a team, the girls dropped nearly 118 seconds, had 10 scoring athletes, and medaled in 7 events. Additional top-time improvements came from Emma Costin -11.24 in 100 Fly & -9.79 in 500 Free, Ella Costin -7.54 in 100 Back, and Claire McDaniel -8.1 in 100 Breast. These girls have so much to be proud of and earned every bit of their success through all the work they have put in this season.”

The Bellefontaine swim team will compete on Sunday, February 5th at the Irish Invitational.

The Benjamin Logan boys swam to a 3rd place finish, scoring 164.5 points and the Lady Raiders placed 7th scoring 79 points at the CBC meet.

For the Raider boys:

200 Medley Relay – Luke McKenrick, Robert Leezer, Liam Sweeney, Utah Coleman (5th)

Benjamin Logan’s Luke McKenrick and Robert Leezer.

200 Free Relay – Utah Coleman, Landon Braddock, Jerrik Stephens, Robert Leezer (5th)

400 Free Relay – Liam Sweeney, Jerrik Stephens, Landon Braddock, Luke McKenrick (4th)

Luke McKenrick (24.5 points) 3rd 200 Free (PR) 2.5% drop, 2nd 100 Free

Robert Leezer (22 points) 5th 50 Free, 3rd 100 Breast (PR) 3.4% drop, New School Record

Liam Sweeney (20 points) 5th 200 IM (PR) 0.6% drop, 5th 100 Fly (PR) 1.3% drop

Carter Daniels (16 points) 6th 200 IM (PR) 4.2% drop, 7th 100 Breast (PR) 3.1% drop

Utah Coleman (7 points) 10th 50 Free (PR) 3.1% drop, 9th 100 Back (PR) 5.9% drop

Jerrik Stephens (7 points) 7th 100 Fly

Landon Braddock (6 points) 10th 500 Free (PR) 5.0% drop, 10th 100 Back

Other PR’s for the men:

Taavo Simovart – 500 Free, 2.2% drop

Liam Sweeney – 100 Free relay leadoff, 0.5% drop

Scoring for the Lady Raiders:

200 Medley Relay – Kelley Forsythe, Winnie Bodin, Allison Moore, Liberty Hays (7th)

200 Free Relay – Annika Chappell, Brooklyn Horner, Liberty Hays, Winnie Bodin (4th)

400 Free Relay – Annika Chappell, Kelley Forsythe, Brooklyn Horner, Allison Moore (7th)

Allison Moore (12 points) 8th 100 Fly, 7th 500 Free (PR) 2.2% drop

Annika Chappell (9 points) 6th 200 IM (tied personal best)

Winnie Bodin (7 points) 7th 200 IM

Liberty Hays (1 point) 12th 50 Free

Other PR’s for the women:

Brooklyn Horner – 100 Free, 2.8% drop

Rylee Anderson – 50 Free, 4.3% drop

Kelley Forsythe – 200 Free, 3.2% drop, and 500 Free, 4.8% drop

Coach Sweeney’s thoughts on the CBC meet:

“I am really happy about how we performed at this meet,” said Head Coach Mitch Sweeney. “Two-thirds of our swimmers who swam tonight set personal records. The kids were dialed in and swam well. What really made my night was watching Robert (Leezer) set the school record in the 100 Breast. He has been working toward this goal of setting the school record for two years. And to beat it by over a second is impressive. I know it means a lot to his brother Max, who previously held the school record.

We have two weeks now to prepare for sectionals. We have a couple of other school records that could potentially fall. So I am really looking forward to using these two weeks off to really put in some hard work and see all the swimmers drop time with the chance to make it to the district meet.”

Graham swimmers participated in the CBC meet.

The Lady Falcons finished 10th overall and were 5th in the Mad River Division.

Scoring for the Graham girls was:

Graham Senior Emma Bost competes in the 100 Freestyle (Photo by Don Tipton)

200 Medley Relay – Jordan Monaghan, Grace Smith, Hannah Volp, and Emma Bost – (2:32.80) 9th

200 Freestyle – Tiffany Carter (2:59.55) 18th and Nora Uhl (3:07.12) 20th

200 Individual Medley – Hannah Volp (3:20.81) 14th

50 Freestyle – Emma Bost (33.00) 18th, Grace Smith (38.11) 28th, and Eliza Blosser (46.54) 32nd

100 Freestyle – Emma Bost (1:15.23) 18th, Jordan Monaghan (1:20.72) 24th, and Hannah Volp (1:22.57) 26th

500 Freestyle – Tiffany Carter (8:05.53) 19th and Nora Uhl (8:28.24) 23rd

200 Freestyle Relay – Jordan Monaghan, Tiffany Carter, Grace Smith, and Nora Uhl (2:28.03) 7th

100 Backstroke – Jordan Monaghan (1:31.81) 16th and Eliza Blosser (2:05.94) 28th

100 Breaststroke – Grace Smith (1:36.33) 17th

400 Freestyle Relay – Emma Bost, Tiffany Carter, Nora Uhl, Hannah Volp (5:30.50) 10th

The Falcon boys were 8th overall and came in 4th in the Mad River.

Scoring for the boys:

200 Freestyle – Thomas Neff (2:13.18) 4th, Caleb Owens (2:19.66) 6th and Tyler Shefbuch (3:07.02) 19th

200 Individual Medley – Braden Bost (3:04.33) 9th

Graham Senior Jack Boggs poses with his third-place medal in the 50 Freestyle with Coach Lou Kramer (Photo by Don Tipton)

50 Freestyle – Jack Boggs (24.12) 3rd, Malachi Teets (32.61) 22nd, Weston Helman (33.73) 24th, and Tyler Shefbuch (37.01) 29th

100 Freestyle – Jack Boggs (56.36) 4th, Caleb Owens (1:02.83) 13th, Braden Bost (1:08.54) 19th, and Weston Helman (1:25.30) 23rd

500 Freestyle – Thomas Neff (6:06.19) 6th

100 Backstroke – Malachi Teets (1:29.66) 12th

400 Freestyle Relay – Jack Boggs, Caleb Owens, Braden Bost, and Thomas Neff (4:04.56) 5th

Jack Boggs received CBC Special Mention with his 3rd place finish in the 50 Freestyle.

You can check out the full results from the CBC Swim meet here.