Community Members Speak at Lakeview Meeting


Emotions were high at the Lakeview Village Council meeting Monday night. In the nearly 4-hour meeting, more than 30 community members were present, and when given the chance, they expressed disapproval of Mayor Elaine Fagan-Moore and her actions since the March 14th tornado.

Several community residents approached the council requesting more transparency from the council and mayor regarding recent activities and moving forward as a whole community. Many residents shared very similar questions for the council and mayor. One resident asked if the council was aware of the content in the press release in April. Councilwoman Sandra Knott stated, “No.” Solicitor Dinkler commented that press releases do not necessarily need the knowledge and approval of all council members. Dinkler explained that a mistake had been made in the April press release stating that an investigation had been conducted on Norman Spring, former fire chief, for thirty months. Rather, the former mayor Ryan Shoffstall had looked back over a time span of thirty months of activities. Dinkler stated it was an, “…inadvertent, good faith mistake.”

Another resident asked if the council was aware of the meeting that was on Sunday, April 21, 2024. Dinkler explained that since this was an employee-employer meeting called by Mayor Fagan-Moore, certain conditions were warranted. It was not a press meeting. The number of council members present could not be a quorum, and the mayor could invite anyone she deemed appropriate to have a pertinent role in the purpose of the employee-employer meeting to be present. Dinkler continued by saying the council still is unsure of where the idea this meeting was to be a press event came from and how information from the meeting was leaked.

More repeated comments and concerns were heard from community members and were addressed by the mayor, the council, and the solicitor.

Absent from the council were Terry Brentlinger and Amby Wallace.

Mayor Elaine Fagan-Moore asked for updates on the fire department’s new applications from Assistant Chief Josh Oakley. Oakley reported they have received three applicants, two of whom already have their certifications and the third is in the process. One of those applicants, Jerry Davis, a 20-year firefighting veteran and former fire chief, was present.

Village Administrator, Dave Scott gave updates on several items including the demolition of the former village administrative building. He was given the green light to accept the lowest bid of $22,280.00 for the removal of the damaged building to the foundation and approve a new security alarm system like the old one in contract with a per month fee. Scott also asked on behalf of the village library if the council would continue to cover their utility expenses going forth in a new location as they had in the past. The council agreed. Scott asked the council to approve the replacement of the hydro-vac for $17,802.36 which also was approved. Finally, Scott informed the council that the tornado signal replacement, for $35,000 to be covered by insurance was ordered, but there would be a delay in receiving it. The council asked Scott if there was any way to reduce the delay, with the help of anyone or any agency, as the village was without this vital warning device. Scott informed the council he would do what he could beginning Tuesday.

Mayor Fagan-Moore introduced the new village solicitor, Lynette Dinkler. Dinkler brings 29 years as a practicing attorney in civil rights to the council.

Debbie McDonnell, introduced by Mayor Fagan-Moore, as a person very familiar with the Indian Lake area was referred through the United Way of Logan County as wanting to offer her services in disaster management to the village at no cost. McDonnell has 30 years of experience in city management and in dealing firsthand with natural disasters. She has worked with FEMA in the past and has knowledge of finding and securing funding to get communities back up and running in the wake of a natural disaster. She is willing to “Walk” the council and the community through the often difficult application processes necessary at the party’s request and help to develop and implement the Strategic Plan needed to bring the lake area back, even better than it was before the tornado. McDonnell was visibly emotional as she expressed her desire to give back and help rebuild this community which has clearly meant so much to her and her family for decades. Hear her interview here:

Mayor Fagan-Moore read the ordinances before the council and then entered an executive session for nearly an hour to discuss fire department payroll topics.

The council acted on the following five ordinances, passing each unanimously by the members present. They were passed on first and final readings, however, they were not adopted.

2024-15 An Ordinance approving, adopting, and enacting American Legal Publishing’s Ohio Basic Code, 2024 edition as the Code of Ordinances for the Municipality of Lakeview, Ohio, and declaring an emergency.

2024-16 An Ordinance amending permanent appropriations for current expenses and other expenditures of the Village of Lakeview, State of Ohio during the fiscal year ending December 31, 2024, and declaring as emergency.

2024-17 An Ordinance approving and authorizing the execution of the agreement between Ken Conaway LLC and the Village of Lakeview, Ohio, and the Mayor’s appointment of Flood Plan Administrator Designee and declaring an emergency.

2024-18 An Ordinance appointing an interim Fire Chief for the Village of Lakeview under R.C. 737.22 and declaring an emergency.

2024-19 An Ordinance approving and authorizing the execution of the Logan County AFG Reginal Grant Application 2023 between the Village of Lakeview, Ohio on behalf of the Lakeview Village Volunteer Fire Department, and Host Bokescreek Fire Department, and declaring an emergency.

The Logan County Sheriff, Randall Dodds, and several other law enforcement members were in attendance.

The next regular session will be on Monday, May 20, 2024, at 6 PM.