Gloria’s Tumbling Team Competes at Rio Grande


On Saturday, 24 members of Gloria’s Tumbling and Trampoline team competed at Rio Grande University.

Below are the results for Gloria’s team in the order of Tumbling/ double mini /Trampoline:

Kaleigha Alig and Jillian Ullom, both received a High Point Award in Tumbling.

  • Kaleigha Alig, age 10,/ 1st/2nd/2nd
  • Kinzlee Alig, age 7,/ 7th/7th/2nd
  • Lucy Butler, age 8, 4th/3rd/1st
  • Olive Butler, age 12, 2nd/2nd/2nd
  • Mileigh Carroll, age 11,/4th/4th/3rd
  • Rileigh Carroll, age 13,/4th/4th/4th
  • Harper Dean, age 8,/1st/2nd/3rd
  • Freya Fout, age 7,/9th/4th/4th
  • Aleah France, age 15,/2nd/5th/2nd
  • Cara France, age 14,/ 1st/2nd/2nd
  • Brennyn Harless, age 8,/5th/5th/1st
  • Raelyn Herring, age 7,/6th/5th/5th
  • Rosella Herring, age 8,/1st/3rd/5th
  • Piper James, age 10,/4th/1st/4th
  • Nora Kopus, age 15,/3rd/1st/3rd
  • Quinn LaBatt, age 5,/4th/4th/6th
  • Colbee Little, age 10,/1st/3rd/1st
  • Brooklynn Miller, age 8,/6th/1st/2nd
  • Serenity Miller, age 8,/1st/2nd/2nd
  • Marley Snoke, age 12,/ 1st/2nd/2nd
  • Abby Stinebaugh, age 10,/ 3rd/3rd/3rd
  • Mikey Whaley, age 17,/ 1st/1st/1st
  • Emily Williams, age 17,/3rd/1st/2nd
  • Jillian Ullom, age 14,/1st/3rd/ 1st

13 teams competed from Ohio and  Kentucky.