High Point League Soccer: Calvary Green Ends Regular Season


Calvary Green ended their regular season undefeated with a 4-1 victory over Urbana Tuesday night at Urbana’s Boyce Street Complex.

Anderson Konz had a hat trick with 3 goals.

Aiden Keller assisted Anderson on a corner kick and also assisted Seth Palmer in the second half.

Brody Prall had 5 saves in the win. Gavin Householder, Alton Tighe, and Octavian Riblet worked hard on the back line to hold Urbana scoreless for 65 minutes

Kole Gantz had a very nice goal kick and Blythe Lowe helped to apply pressure late in the game.

Elijah Navarro played the whole game and effectively rotated to many different positions while earning the Team Toughness Award.

The Spartans improved to 10-0.