UPDATED: Indian Lake girls win Cedarville; WL-S Middle School sweeps Cedarville CC Invitational


The Indian Lake girls‘ team won the Cedarville Friendship Night Race at Cedarville University Saturday night. The Lakers tallied 69 points to place 1st out of 17 teams.

Reagan Rash placed 2nd (20:00), Evie Wagner placed 8th (21:21 PR), KaiLea Miller placed 12th (21:42), Hannah Metzger placed 16th (21:48 PR), and Elayna Richardson was 31st (22:51).

Indian Lake’s Grant McPherson

Also finishing was Makayla Motter in 81st (26:35), Maggie Reese was 87th (26:47), Andi Miller was 109th (28:32), Lily Jenkins was 124th (29:42) Ariel Breilmeier was 125th (29:53) and Eva Carney was 131st (31:00 PR).

The girls executed the race plan well and were able to move past a lot of runners in the last 2 miles, and it set them up to win the team title.

Indian Lake boys’ team placed 10th of 22 teams with 260 points.

Grant McPherson placed 22nd (18:06), Tony Cummins placed 58th (19:06), Heath Wilson placed 62nd (19:11), Brant Parsell placed 68th (19:24), and Brody Parsell was 72nd (19:34).

Also finishing was Vince Wilson in 89th (20:04), Mason Beres in 108th (20:41), Daniel Wahl in 116th (21:01), Creek Wischmeyer was 169th (23:03), and Owen Pummel was 211th (26:21).

Up next, the Lakers will host an invitational on Oct 1 at the Indian Lake Schools campus.

The Bellefontaine varsity girls’ team finished 10th out of 17 teams at Cedarville.

The Lady Chiefs tallied 284 team points.

For Bellefontaine, Kailyn Newman lead the team, finishing 42nd, with a time of 23:37, followed by Montanna Buck who crossed the line at 52nd in a time of 24:09, Aubrey Hudson was 67th with a time of 25:22, Ella Reier finished 73rd with a time of 25:38, Zoey Rister was 84th in 26:42, Mia DeLong ran to an 88th place finish with a time of 26:59, Brianne Sechrest was 100th in 27:52 and Naomi Washburn crossed the line at 135th in a time of 31:30.

The Lady Chiefs will run Saturday at the Ohio Caverns.

The Chieftain varsity boys finished 5th out of 22 teams at Cedarville.

Team scores (Top 10): 1. Cedarville 86, 2. Russia 110, 3. Westfall 111, 4. Waynesville 120, 5. Bellefontaine 132, 6. Anna 147, 7. Dayton Christian 213, 8. MVCA 230, 9. Cincinnati Christian 249, 10. Indian Lake 260

For Bellefontaine: 8. Gavin Wilson 17:25, 10. Tony Stewart 17:39, 25, Hayden Maus 18:18, 43, Seth Taylor 18:49 CPR, 54. Elias Abrego 19:04 CPR, 67. Ollie Moreland 19:24 SPR, 91. Nick Hunter 20:08 CPR, 149. Zerek Longbrake 22:04 CPR, 164. Jake Christen 22:41 CPR, 216. Jaxon Sopher 26:59, and 219. Grant Erickson 28:05.

“It is nice to see our 4-7 runners on the varsity start to make a move with more race experience,” said head coach Ben Davis.

Members of the Graham Cross Country teams participated in the Troy Twilight Cross Country on Saturday.

Graham’s Hailey Nash (Photo by Nathan Parke)

Results for the high school boys (finished 7th out of 29 teams) in the Scarlet Race were: Ashton Aldredge 17:58.9 (17th out of 371 runners), Ayden Rudolf 18:30.0 (30th), Jack Bonham 18:57.8 (53rd), Brayden Crooks 18:58.3 (54th), Sebastian Bowers 19:00.3 (57th), Carter Smith 19:41.7 (100th), Zach Wheeland 20:36.1 (154th), Hayden King 21:19.5 (200th), Ben Parke 21:56.5 (232nd), Weston Helman 22:33.7 (257th), Braden Bost 23:49.5 (297th), Tyler Shefbuch 24:00.0 (303rd), and Nathan Dunn 28:41.0 (354th).

Cayden Bonham participated in the Gray Race at Troy placing 49th out of 229 runners in a time of 17:07.0.

Results for the high school girls (finished 4th out of 26 teams) in the Gray Race were: Hailey Nash 20:51.6 (6th out of 267 runners), Kelsey Demarco 21:31.1 (9th), Taylor Aldredge 22:42.8 (34th), Ella Putterbaugh 24:50.5 (103rd), Ella Parke 25:07.7 (123rd), Grace Smith 25:49.8 (146th), Ivy Hatfield 25:56.9 (155th), Eliza Blosser 28:12.9 (219th), Nora Uhl 30:17.5 (242nd), and Lydia Loos 31:42.1 (249th).

Middle School:

The Bellefontaine girls ran their best team race of the season to finish 6th out of 33 teams at Cedarville.

Grace Brown remains unbeaten on the season, winning the race in a field of 225 runners.

Rylee Yelton, Karsyn Newkirk, Hannah Wilson, Sloan Stolly, and Camila Cely-Hernandez all stepped up and ran personal best times for the Lady Chiefs.

Results for the BMS Girls: 1. Grace Brown 11:55, 32. Rylee Yelton 14:12, 62. Hailee Lamb 15:00, 72. Karsyn Newkirk 15:14, 73. Hannah Wilson 15:15, 78. Camila Cely-Hernandez 15:21, and 84. Sloan Stolly 15:29.

The Bellefontaine boys finished 7th out of 34 teams at Cedarville.

Jake Moreland highlighted the evening by winning his second consecutive race with a new school record time of 11:02 in a field of 303 runners.

Results for the BMS Boys: 1. Jake Moreland 11:02, 39. Oliver Grandstaff 12:23, 103. Brenden Murray 13:20, 112. Will Myers 13:30, 136. Landon Rister 13:56, 233. Caleb Sechrest 16:08, and 291. Haydon Argabright 20:48.

Bellefontaine’s Middle School Cross Country teams will compete in the Celtic Clash at Dublin Jerome on Saturday.

Graham’s Middle School Cross Country teams competed at the Troy Twilight meet.

The Falcon boys finished 17th out of 19 teams and were led by Jesse Jenkins who ran a 12:25.6 (53rd out of 231 runners).

The Lady Falcons finished 14 out of 16 – Leila Konicki 13:41.1 (24th out of 183 runners).


The West Liberty-Salem Middle School Cross Country teams competed at Cedarville Friendship Invitational Saturday evening.

WL-S MS Girls

The girls were 1st out of 16 full teams.

3rd Addi Wallen 12:21

5th Hattie Jacobs 12:57

9th Mariska Smith 13:13

14th Isla Leichty 13:41

16th Ellery Wygal 13:44

189th Lexie Wisner 19:25

The boys were 1st out of 21 full teams.

WL-S MS Boys

2nd Asher Cole 11:05

6th Adly Knox 11:27

15th Zac Carter 11:48

17th Brayan Gullett 11:50

19th Zeke Longshore 11:56

167th Casey Boyer 14:34

197th Calen Craig 15:10