2023 Logan County Health Assessment


This Spring, Logan County residents were surveyed through an electronic survey process and personal interviews to voice their concerns, strengths, risks and needs for themselves and Logan County.

This survey was focused on community issues, environment, safety, healthcare, wellness, quality of life, parenting, social, and demographics.

In addition, secondary data was gathered from local, state and national sources to further validate and identify areas of need, risk, and improvement since the last assessment was conducted in 2020.

Tammy Allison, from Mary Rutan Health, explains how this assessment impacts our community: 

On June 27th over 80 community members came together to review the preliminary findings of the 2023 Logan County Needs Assessment (CHA) and prioritize areas of risk and need for Logan County.

The areas identified in alphabetical order include:

  • Access to Care
  • Healthy Living
  • Housing and Homelessness
  • Mental Health
  • Senior Services
  • Substance Abuse.

An electronic copy of the preliminary report is available for review and for public comment on the Hospital website at https://foundation.maryrutan.org/needs-assessment.

A paper copy of the preliminary report may be obtained by calling Mary Rutan Hospital’s Community Health and Outreach Department at 937-599-7005.

The public comment period will close on July 28th.

Following the public comment period, Coalitions will be formed, comprised of area agencies, organizations, businesses, and concerned community members to establish strategies to address each priority area.

Once the strategies are selected, the formal Community Health Improvement Plan for Logan County will be prepared for the 2023-2025 period.

Logan County’s first Community Needs Assessment process began in 2012 and is administered every three years.

This effort is led and funded by Mary Rutan Health, Logan County Health District, Community Health and Wellness Partners, Mental Health Drug and Alcohol Board of Logan and Campaign County, United Way of Logan County, and Logan County Job and Family Services.

For further information about the survey and findings, contact Tammy Allison – Mary Rutan Health at (937) 599-7003, or Megan Bailey at the Logan County Health District at (937) 651-6191.