Barnes earns Dairy Show Supreme Champion and two Champion Female titles in Cattle Show


For about two and a half hours, the Logan County Junior Fair Dairy Cattle Show took place Thursday evening.


Holstein Junior Heifer Calf

1st Emma Zumberger

2nd Hayes Robison

3rd Orville Winner

Holstein Intermediate Calf

1st Brooke Henry

2nd Lalie Zumberger

Holstein Senior Heifer Calf

1st Peyton Henry

2nd Orville Winner

Holstein Summer Yearling Heifer

1st Wyatt Gordon

Holstein Junior Yearling Heifer

1st Spencer Carson

2nd Stephanie Altstaetter

Holstein Winter Yearling Heifer

1st Carson Spencer

2nd Stephanie Altstaetter

Holstein Senior Yearling Heifer

1st Stephanie Altstaetter

2nd Peyton Henry

Junior Champion Heifer: Carson Spencer

Reserve Junior Champion: Wyatt Gordon

Holstein 3 & 4-Year-Old Cow

1st Tarrah Barnes

Champion Female: Tarrah Barnes

Reserve Champion Female: Carson Spencer


Jersey Junior Heifer Calf

1st Eliza Zumberger

2nd Julie McDaniel

Jersey Intermediate Calf

1st Emersyn Gordon

2nd Ella Stineman

Jersey Senior Heifer Calf

1st Isabella Spencer

2nd Addison Stineman

Jersey Summer Yearling Heifer

1st Tarrah Barnes

Jersey Junior Yearling Heifer

1st Wyatt Gordon

2nd Jacob McDaniel

3rd Tarrah Barnes

Jersey Winter Yearling Heifer

1st Isabella Spencer

2nd Rhys Bervas

Jersey Senior Yearling Heifer

1st Garret Stineman

Junior Champion Heifer: Izzy Spencer

Reserve Junior Champion: Carson Spencer

Jersey 2-Year-Old Cow

1st Garrett Stineman

Jersey Cow, 5 Years Old & Over

1st Tarrah Barnes

2nd Rhys Bervas

Champion Female: Tarrah Barnes

Reserve Champion Female: Izzy Spencer

Brown Swiss

Brown Swiss Junior Heifer Calf

1st Orville Winner

Brown Swiss 2-Year-Old Cow

1st Gavin Hamm

Champion Female: Gavin Hamm

Reserve Champion Female: Orville Winner

Dairy Show Supreme Champion: Tarrah Barnes (with Jersey Cow Kamel)