Bellefontaine Board of Education Gets Five Year Forecast Update


Monday night the Bellefontaine Board of Education met in regular session at the Bellefontaine Elementary School, topping off their roving board meetings by holding one meeting in each building.

First-grade teacher, Michaela Baker and high school teacher Jake Kennedy presented the Board with a pilot program slated to begin next week. Baker and Kennedy have collaborated on a program they call the Chieftain Leadership Initiative.  In the program’s infancy, it will pair First Grade students of Baker’s who may benefit from an older student mentor with High School students of Kennedy’s in one-on-one pairings based on similar interests and shared experiences, helping to provide leadership, and mentoring in a safe, positive and encouraging zone. Board members likened it to a “Big Brothers and Big Sisters” program within the city school system. The Board highly praised the teacher’s collaboration in the pilot program and is very excited to hear more about the program as it is implemented.

Second-grade teachers Chrsiti Dodds and Stacey Penhorwood placed focus on one of their class’s end-of-year projects integrating the new English Language Program this year. The class project was capped off with various writings, displays, and creative projects and was on display as the Board was taken on a tour of what all the second-grade students learned this school year. Students were encouraged to use their various skill sets and strengths to create a project encompassing a whole unit learned through the year appropriately using their newly acquired English Language skills.  From studies of the human body to stories of Abraham Lincoln, from the four seasons of a tree to the story of “Follow The Drinking Gourd,” creativity and the English language were on display from corner to corner in the second-grade wing.

The May Seniors of the Month were present and introduced to the Board by Superintendent Brad Hall. Each senior was asked to explain why they believed they were selected and then presented with a pin and gift card for their accomplishment. The seniors include:

  • Zoephia Rister
  • Oliver Moreland
  • Alexis Buffkin
  • Trevan Taylor


Treasurer Joshua Wasson presented the Five Year Forecast, sharing that “while still in a deficit projection, there has been positive improvement since last year. This comment was reiterated by Board Vice President Mark Fissel. Wasson shares more about the Five Year Forecast…

Superintendent Brad Hall Talks about the end of the school year:

The Board also presented and acted favorably on the following personnel issues.


  • Krista Adelsberger, IS Principal
  • Jason Calton, Physical Education
  • Matt Comstock,   Activities Director
  • Kathryn Dixon, 3rd Grade ELA
  • Allyson Harmon, Intervention Specialist
  • Pat Martz, Director of Special Education
  • Gavin Yoder, MS Associate Principal            


  • Tia Brenning, MS Electives
  • Ashleigh Hodosko, Intervention Specialist
  • Mataya Reinhard, Intervention Specialist
  • Jason Scott, Physical Education

Three-Year Contracts

  • Krista Adelsberger, Special Principal Assignment
  • Jason Calton, Activities Director/Associate Principal
  • Matthew Comstock, MS Associate Principal
  • Heather Hoppe, School Psychologist
  • Angela Horvath, Gifted Coordinator
  • Pat Martz, IS Principal

Limited Contracts 2024-2025

One Year

  • Michaela Baker
  • Cheryl Poppel
  • Ashton Childs
  • Karen Scott
  • Jennifer Cyr
  • Zach Showalter
  • Tasidee Fagg
  • Dawn Spangler
  • Heidi Heacock
  • Rachael Stacklin
  • Andrew Madley
  • Taylor Wayman
  • Mikaela Moore

Two Year

  • Katelyne Ackley
  • Tori Millice
  • Brooke Bahr
  • Daulton Mosbarger
  • Philip Blake
  • Raechel Noble
  • Harrison Brunner
  • Aaron Peitsmeyer
  • Shaun Dunlap
  • Zoe Price
  • Matthew Garrett
  • Elizabeth Ramsey
  • Joseph Gengler
  • Meredith Richters
  • Benjamin Gillig
  • William Tipple
  • Jacey Greenwood
  • Jenna Tozer
  • Jake Kennedy
  • Robert Wolf

Three Year

  • Nathan Arbogast
  • Russ Hogue
  • Madeleine Beck
  • April Jameson
  • Kylie Croston
  • Michelle Rohrer
  • Kenna Davis
  • Ellie Russell
  • Elizabeth Hogue
  • Melanie Strittmatter

Five Year

  • Art Caudil
  • Joliece Reed
  • Eric Hamm
  • Rick Reed
  • Jon Hayduk
  • Brian Timpe
  • Julie Kurtz
  • Joshua Wallace
  • Kristina McKirahan
  • Lori Wilson
  • Rebecca O’Rielley
  • Ashley Wood

ABC K-Camp Personnel Appointments

  • Michaela Baker
  • Bri Hughes
  • Tracy Huffman
  • Tammy Schneider

Summer School Personnel Appointments

  • Catherine Eastman
  • Jason Scott
  • Aaron Garver
  • Rachael Stacklin
  • Aaron Peitsmeyer
  • April Wasinger

Home Instruction/Tutors

  • Amber Newkirk

Service and Support Personnel


  • Thomas Kimball, Bus Driver

Leave of Absence

  • Kimberly Lantz, Food Service Worker

Appointment of Technology Coordinator

  •  Gavin Yoder, Technology Coordinator

Administrative Appointments

One-Year Contracts

  • Hayden Green, Electrical Operations Coordinator

Three-Year Contracts

  • Christina Prine, Assistant Treasurer
  • Marc Stakey, District Technology Coordinator

 Five-Year Contracts

  • Roger Ely, Executive Director of Administration


  • Stacie Cooper, Computer Technician

Classified Contract Renewals 2024-2025

1-Year Limited Contracts

  • Jessica Dipple
  • Tami Hardin

2-Year Limited Contracts

  • Tonya Anderson
  • Brenda Moon
  • Alex Burton
  • Erica Morris
  • Seth Close
  • Rebekah Price
  • Kimberly Collier
  • Tamara Schneider
  • Deborah Dill
  • Hunter Siler
  • Mary Dillard
  • Eva Skaggs
  • Joyce Fogan
  • Patricia St. Clair
  • Cassidy Hicks
  • Jordan Vermillion
  • Tawnya Irick
  • John Vicario

Continuing Contract

  • Ranee Achor
  • Sean Egler
  • Brandi Darst
  • Julia Pulfer
  • Tami Dowell
  • Deborah Sheehan
  • Martha Earick
  • Andrea Torsell
  • Thomas Edwards

Substitute Appointments

  • Regilane Nelson, Food Service Worker
  • Jared Patterson, Maintenance

Supplemental Contracts Appointments

  • Nathan Arbogast, HS TEAMS
  • Brooke Bahr,  MS Football Sideline Cheer
  • Matthew Bender, HS Boys Soccer (A)
  • Hoyt Buckingham, 8th Grade Football (A)
  • Rockey Cane, HS Boys Soccer (H)
  • Art Caudill, HS Football (A)
  • Isaac Chiles, HS Boys Golf (H)
  • Jeremy Clifton, HS Football (A)
  • Cliff Core,  HS Quiz Bowl
  • Ben Davis,  HS Boys Cross Country (H) – 66%
  • Sean Egler, HS Football (A)
  • Morgan Fultz, HS Boys/Girls Weight Room Coordinator Fall/Winter/Spring
  • Matt Gallaway, HS Dare
  • Matthew Garrett, HS Creative Writing
  • Matthew Garrett, HS D&D Club
  • Jacey Greenwood,  8th Grade Volleyball (H)
  • Jon Hayduk, 7th Grade Volleyball (H)
  • James Howell, HS Girls Tennis (H)
  • Stacey Holycross, HS Prom Coordinator
  • Angie Horvath, HS Chieftain Leaders Coordinator
  • Angie Horvath,  HS OSU-MUN
  • Jake Kennedy, HS Football (A)
  • Jordan Kesler, MS Cross Country (H)
  • Andrew Madley, 7th Grade Football (H)
  • Lindsey Maus, MS Cross Country (A)
  • Kris Meyers,HS Girls Golf (H)
  • Skylar Mifsud, HS Football (A)
  • Skylar Mifsud, HS Chieftain Backers – 50%
  • Chris Miller, HS Envirothon – 50%
  • Chris Miller, HS GSA – 50%
  • Chris Miller, HS Yearbook Advisor (Chant)
  • Galen Miller, HS Boys Cross Country (H) – 34%
  • Stacy Millice, HS FCA
  • Taylor Mitchell, HS JV Volleyball (A)
  • Tara Phelps, HS Volleyball (H)
  • Ric Prine,MS Volleyball (A)
  • Meredith Richters, HS French Club
  • Hannah Rodenhausen,HS GSA – 50%
  • Michelle Rohrer, HS National Honor Society
  • Dwight Salyer, HS Girls Soccer (A)
  • Aaron Shumaker, HS Girls Soccer (H)
  • Jenna Smith, HS FB Sideline Cheer (A)
  • Marcus St.Clair, 8th Grade Football (H)
  • Heather Storm, HS FB Sideline Cheer (H)
  • Tom Stoner, 7th Grade Football (A)
  • Jeremiah Vigansky, HS Football (A)
  • Stacey Wilson, HS Girls Cross Country (H)

Approval of Volunteer Coaches

  • Brady Hiatt, HS Girls Golf
  • Shannon Hodge, HS Volleyball
  • Richard McDaniel, HS Football
  • Daulton Mosbarger, HS Football
  • Boris Pattison, HS Football

The board approved to increase in the hourly wages of substitute custodians, food service workers, and teacher aides.

Custodians will increase to $16.50 per hour, effective May 14th.

Food service workers will increase to $12 per hour, effective August 1st.

Teacher aides will increase to $13.48, effective August 1st.

The July Board meeting has been rescheduled from July 8th to July 17th.