Benjamin Logan Band and Choir Return from Orlando


ORLANDO, FLORIDA – March 29, 2024 – The Benjamin Logan High School Band and Choir, under the direction of Myles Bowers, Maggie Bowlby, and Michael Dove, have concluded their exhilarating journey to Orlando, Florida. From March 23 to March 29, 2024, the students experienced a whirlwind of magical moments and unforgettable performances.

The highlight of the trip was undoubtedly the mesmerizing production of Fantasmic, a captivating 25-minute fireworks and water show featuring beloved Disney characters, including the iconic Mickey Mouse. Accompanied by classic Disney melodies and stunning hydrotechnic effects, the performance left a lasting impression on both performers and spectators alike.

Adding to the excitement, the Benjamin Logan HS Marching Band showcased their talents during the Magic Kingdom March at Disney’s renowned theme park, while the Benjamin Logan HS Chorale delivered a stellar performance at the Waterside Stage in Disney Springs, enchanting audiences with their melodious voices.

In addition to their performances, the students participated in enriching workshops and activities, including a Band and Choir Workshop at EPCOT Disney Imagination Campus where they were immersed in the world of professional musicians along with directors Myles Bowers, Michael Dove, and Maggie Bowlby.

The trip also provided ample opportunities for leisure and enjoyment, with visits to Disney Theme Parks as well as Universal Studios and Universal’s Islands of Adventure, where the students dined at the world’s largest Hard Rock Café.

“We are immensely grateful to have had the opportunity to travel with Bob Rogers Travel and to have shared these unforgettable experiences with our talented students,” said Directors Myles Bowers and Michael Dove. “We are proud of their dedication and hard work, and we hope they have created cherished memories that will last a lifetime.”

As the Benjamin Logan HS Band & Choir return home, they carry with them not only cherished memories but also a renewed sense of camaraderie and accomplishment.