Benjamin Logan Elementary Wraps Up Successful Unified Arts Festival and Grandparent Game Night


After a Friday evening filled with games and fun with grandparents, Benjamin Logan Elementary concluded its highly anticipated Unified Arts Festival on Saturday, April 27, with a day brimming with creativity, music, and technological exploration.

Parents, teachers, and students united to celebrate the culmination of their efforts throughout the year in Unified Arts classes. The festival showcased captivating musical performances highlighting the students’ talents, accompanied by a vibrant display of their artwork. Attendees also immersed themselves in the world of coding through interactive tech demonstrations.

Principal Colleen Bodin shared her excitement for the event, expressing, “Saturday’s UA show was fantastic. The artwork was outstanding, and the students sang such fun and uplifting songs. Our students loved showing their coding skills with Dash.”

The festival was enriched by a variety of delicious treats from local food truck vendor Where There’s Smoke BBQ, enhancing the festive atmosphere. Additionally, the spring book fair, which ran concurrently on Friday and Saturday, saw significant engagement from the community.

Bodin extended her gratitude to the volunteers and the BLES PTC, stating, “What a great weekend for our elementary school. Friday’s grandparent game night was a hit. Thank you to the many volunteers and the BLES PTC for a job well done!”

The events organized by the BLES PTC, along with the Unified Arts educators at Benjamin Logan Elementary, provided a platform for students to showcase their talents and creativity while fostering a sense of community spirit among attendees.