Benjamin Logan Graduates Encouraged to Choose Attitude, Be Present & Make Someone’s Day


In her speech, Principal Annette Alatorre reflected on her first year at Benjamin Logan High School, describing it as an amazing transition from her previous role in Detroit.

She expressed gratitude for the warm welcome from the school community, particularly the senior class, and shared mixed emotions about their graduation.

Alatorre imparted four key life principles from the book *FISH!* to guide the graduates: choose your attitude, be present, make someone’s day, and find ways to have fun daily.

She concluded by wishing the graduates success in their future endeavors, whether in college, the military, or the workforce, hoping these principles would support their continued success.

A Moment of Silence was observed as a tribute to the late Drystyn Turner, a member of the graduating class, with heartfelt words to his family and friends.

Guest speaker Tara Bair, President/CEO of Community Health & Wellness Partners, shared inspiring words with the graduates.

In her speech, Bair emphasized that you don’t need to leave your community to lead a fulfilling life.

She highlighted that happiness is a personal choice and can be achieved wherever you are.

Bair urged the audience to be the change they want to see and outlined three key principles: believe in something higher than yourself for purpose and direction, prioritize and value your family as the most important part of your life, and commit to being a lifelong learner.

She concluded by encouraging everyone to give their all in every endeavor.

Valedictorian, Joslin Wilber, recognized for her academic excellence and involvement in numerous school activities, plans to attend The Ohio State University. Joslin congratulated her fellow graduates, acknowledging their collective effort in reaching this significant milestone.

She emphasized the personal pride each graduate should feel for overcoming challenges like late-night studies and interpersonal conflicts.

Wilber urged her peers not to view high school as the pinnacle of their lives but as a foundation upon which to build even more fulfilling futures.

Encouraging them to let go of past insecurities and embrace self-determination, she emphasized the power to shape their destinies.

Quoting Natasha Bedingfield’s lyrics, Wilber emphasized the endless possibilities of the future, urging graduates to seize the opportunity to create lives they truly love.

In a special message to female graduates, she championed their autonomy and significance, urging them to take control of their own lives.

Photos by: Jeff Rose Photography

Salutatorian, Madelyn Harmon, also celebrated for her academic and extracurricular achievements, will be attending Miami University to study Kinesiology on a Pre-Dental route.

Madelyn delivered a heartfelt speech emphasizing the importance of gratitude and positivity in shaping our futures.

She expressed gratitude to families, friends, and loved ones for their support throughout the academic journey.

Reflecting on lessons learned, Madelyn highlighted the transformative power of gratitude, urging her peers to appreciate life’s blessings and focus on the positive.

Embracing the challenges of change, she encouraged her fellow graduates to step into the unknown with courage, equipped with the tools to succeed and make a positive impact.

Madelyn concluded by congratulating the class of 2024 and imparting the message to live gratefully and embrace the future with optimism.

Benjamin Logan High School proudly announced the Top Ten Scholars for the Class of 2024.

Leading the class were:

  • Joslin Wilber, the Valedictorian
  • Madelyn Harmon, the Salutatorian.
  • Graham Studebaker
  • Alyson Fay
  • Kloe Larson
  • Hayden Godwin
  • Cassidy Rhoades
  • Kara Reeves
  • Celeste Allen
  • Abby Henry

Superintendent John Scheu confirmed the graduates had met all criteria for graduation.

Diplomas were presented by Mr. Fay, with assistance from Mr. Smith and Board of Education President Mr. Himmeger.

The Class of 2024 included:

  • Hayden Matthew Alexander
  • Alexandra Caitlyn Algire
  • Celeste Kathryn Allen
  • Austin Lee Archer
  • Hailey Montanna Ater
  • Simon Matthew Bachus
  • Georgia Margaret Bates
  • Americus Joy-Lynn Beach
  • Emarie Sage Bensman
  • Rhys Cooper Mikael Bervas
  • Maxwell Davis Birt
  • Karlie Michelle Blackburn
  • Mylee Mae Boysel
  • Noah John Britenstine
  • Mya Mackenzie Burrey
  • Evan Michael Carpenter
  • Ciera Mone’ Case
  • John Bennett Chamberlain
  • Emily Rose Cogossi
  • Aiden Thomas Coons
  • Izik Zayden Cox
  • Taihler Valnea Crawford
  • Allyson Marie Cremeans
  • Kyndal Kay Cronkleton
  • Sammantha Dawn Crumm
  • Venice Michelle Csillag
  • Morgan LeeAnn Current
  • Cameron Levi Michael Deitsch
  • Michael Aron Dilbone
  • Jacob Leroy Dougherty
  • Alyson Riley Fay
  • Paul Eugene Gantt III
  • Kane Richard Gibson
  • Hayden Andrew Godwin
  • Jeremiah William Asher Gonzales
  • Elijah Hammond
  • Madelyn Nicole Harmon
  • Lucas Richard Harshfield
  • Talley Eve Hartranft
  • Lauren Elizabeth Hemmelgarn
  • Isabel Renee Henderson
  • Abby Lynn Henry
  • Peyton Blaire Henry
  • Madeline Grace Herring
  • Colin William Hill
  • Wyat Erskine Hoffner
  • Keaton Jeffrey Horney
  • Kaci Lynn Houchin
  • Samantha Cheyenne Howe-Niswonger
  • Jesse James Huffman
  • Meghan Elizabeth Hume
  • Trenton David Hyder
  • Marcia Anntoinette Johnson
  • Duskin Otho-James Jones
  • Seth Micheal Jones
  • Kaitlynn Marie Joseph
  • Kordell Gage Kahler
  • Devon Michael Kimble
  • Hayley Michelle Kitzmiller
  • Autumn Nicole Kleismit
  • Anni Sofia Kuntonen *
  • Kensley Marie Lacher
  • Rayden Daniel Large
  • Dane Cristopher Larsen
  • Kameron Dean Larson
  • Kloe Denyse Larson
  • Ryan Tyler Loomis
  • Ethan James Martin
  • Jeffery Hunter McCafferty
  • Chase Christopher Miller
  • Joel Lucas Mitchell
  • Gabriel Joseph Mooney
  • Kaiden G Munz
  • Addison Ann Murphy
  • Micah Anderson Musser
  • Brooks Mae Myers
  • Kaylie Marie Neal
  • Seth William Orris
  • Ryder David Pennington
  • Kanyon Matthew Perez
  • Hunter David Peterson
  • Hannah Elizabeth Phillips
  • Kaitlin Nicole Phillips
  • Cayden Thomas Poast
  • Josalyn Kay Porter
  • Nadiya Powell
  • Savannah Anne Marie Pugh
  • Kara Michelle Reeves
  • Cassidy Elizabeth Rhoades
  • Emily Jean Rhoades
  • Claire Elizabeth Rhodes
  • Elisha Edward Rhodes
  • Kamryn AnnMarie Ridge
  • Angelina Noal Roe
  • Jacob Arthur Roth
  • Trevor John Sclesky
  • Chase Michael Sexton
  • Sarah Julianna Sharp
  • Abbigail Jean Shaw
  • Brendan James Shroats
  • Libby Irene Siefring
  • Britny Ann Sliker
  • Mason Tyler Smith
  • Nathanael James Smith
  • Madyson Grace-Ann Spence
  • Kylie Marie Stanley
  • Garrett Lee Stevenson
  • Kyren Neal Stoner
  • Bailee Ann Stover
  • Graham Jaye Studebaker
  • Alexis Nicole Sutherly
  • Garrett Christopher Towns
  • Gavin Michael Troth
  • Alexander James VanVoorhis
  • Katherine Ann Vickroy
  • Aaron Brady Vogelsang
  • Madelyn Elizabeth Wagnild
  • Haylee Lynn Walley
  • Bridgette LeAnne Walters
  • Tyler Christopher Weaks
  • Mason Allen Welty
  • Joslin Isabel Wilber
  • Hunter Elizabeth Wilgus
  • Daven Michael Williams
  • Katie Lynn Workman
  • Owen Eby Brown Zimmerman

*denotes Honorary Certificate

Senior Class President, Joslin Wilber provided the closing remarks.

In her Class President Address, Joslin began by congratulating her classmates for their hard work over the past 13 years and extended a special thank you to the support network of parents, family, and friends.

She humorously reflected on her lifelong fascination with words, expressing difficulty in finding the right ones for that momentous occasion.

Joslin fondly recalled laughter-filled memories from their time at Benjamin Logan, highlighting moments like Lauren’s Peppa Pig cake, Jeremiah’s flip attempts, and lively classroom games.

She emphasized the importance of cherishing those memories as they moved forward.

Joslin concluded by inviting everyone to shift their tassels, symbolizing their transition from students to graduates, and offered her heartfelt congratulations to all.

The ceremony concluded with the traditional cap toss and graduates forming a receiving line to greet attendees as the commencement band played.

Congratulations to the Class of 2024!

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