Benjamin Logan Superintendent Pleased With School Report Card; Other BOE Business


The Benjamin Logan Board of Education (BOE) met in a regular session Monday evening and took the following actions:

  • After approval of the agenda, Tracy Baker of Belle Center (1986 graduate), shared their interest in an open BOE position
  • Approved the disposal of records as requested by the Records Commission Committee
  • Asphalt work to be done by Byrne & Jones Construction for $36,643.45, was approved
  • Booster Bar fundraiser purchase from Nectar Candy in the amount of $40,000 was approved
  • The board accepted the resignation of Katherine Dudgeon- Custodian- Effective August 24, 2023
  • Deduct days for Nicole Terrill were approved utilizing personal and sick days first, and then the remaining maternity leave days as deducted days
  • One-Year Limited Contracts (Effective August 1, 2023, through July 31, 2024) were approved for Deanna Danieu- Custodian- Step 4 and Michele Inskeep- Food Service Worker- Step 13
  • Reassignment of Teresa Stratton- ES Food Service worker at an additional hour per day (total of 6 hours per day) beginning the 2023-2024 school year
  • The board approved a $100 stipend for Colleen Miller who attended the required ALICE training for new staff
  • Substitutes (Secretary) Kara Wenger and (Bus Driver) John Forrest for the 2023-2024 school year, contingent upon completion of all O.R.C. employment requirements
  • ESC substitute list for the 2023-2024 school year was approved, contingent upon completion of all O.R.C. employment requirements at the rate of $115 per day effective August 21, 2023
  • Resignation of Jim Sanford- Basketball Coach Boys Freshman who was on supplemental contracts for the 2023-2024 school year
  • Jim Sanford was approved as a Volunteer Assistant HS Basketball Coach

The following individuals were approved for advancement on the salary schedule, for having earned additional hours, effective the 2023-2024 school year, contingent upon completion of employment requirements: MA-Laura Mobley; MA+15-Joel Phillips; MA+15-Nicole Terrill.

Natalie Hays was approved for payment up to three hours total per event at a rate of $50 per hour, per timesheet (not to exceed $150 per event). Two hours for travel and presenting book/activity at the library and one hour to plan for the event to be paid from an ESC Grant for the Summer Reading Program at our community libraries.

The board approved the Home Instruction/ Tutors as listed, to be paid per hour/per timesheet at a rate of $24.00 per hour for the 2023-2024 school year:

  • Morganne Ackley
  • Tamara Allford
  • Jaclyn Atherton
  • Alyssia Cavallini
  • Amy Evans
  • Leslie Everett
  • Aryn Forsythe
  • Nicole Fuller
  • Marleen Godsey
  • Susan Headings
  • Stephenie Jordan
  • Kara Maurer
  • Rob Painter
  • Julie Phillips
  • Jaclyn Powers
  • Tori Purk
  • Abbey Shields
  • Matt Smith

The following individuals on supplemental contracts were approved for the 2023-2024 school year to be placed at the respective level of the salary schedule upon completion of all O.R.C. requirements.


  • Baseball Coach Head HS- Jeremy Allen
  • Baseball Coach Assistant HS- Quinn Morris
  • Basketball Coach Girls HS- Greg Saylor
  • Basketball Coach Girls Assistant- Tracy Gregg
  • Bowling Coach Boys HS- Barney Sullivan
  • Bowling Coach Girls HS- Tammy Poling
  • Softball Coach Head HS- Amanda Davis
  • Softball Coach Assistant HS- Tracy Gregg
  • Softball Coach Assistant HS- Charles Stevens
  • Swimming Coach HS- Mitch Sweeney
  • Track Coach Assistant MS- Anthony Elsasser
  • Track Coach Assistant Boys HS- Brian Hemmelgarn
  • Track Coach Assistant Boys HS- Jamie Hughes (1/2 contract)
  • Track Coach Assistant Boys HS- Mike Overturf (1/4 contract)
  • Track Coach Assistant Boys HS- Jeff Wical (1/4 contract)
  • Track Coach Assistant Girls HS- Trish Hemmelgarn
  • Track Coach Assistant Girls HS- Scott Wenger
  • Track Coach Head Boys HS– Kevin Butler
  • Track Coach Head Boys MS- Tom Braddock
  • Track Coach Head Girls HS- Mike Coder
  • Track Coach Head Girls MS- Krista Jackson
  • Wrestling Coach MS- Bryan Newland
  • Wrestling Coach MS- Matt Marshall
  • Wrestling Coach Assistant HS- Kiel Henry
  • Wrestling Coach Head HS- Kyle Seeley
  • Cheer Coach Basketball MS- Mindy France
  • Cheer Coach Basketball JV HS- Amber Eirich
  • Cheer Coach Basketball Varsity HS- Alix Brown


  • Class Advisor 11 Junior- Sage Caughenbaugh
  • Class Advisor 10 Sophomore HS- Matt Smith
  • Class Advisor 10 Sophomore HS- Nicole Fuller
  • Raider Run Club ES- Tiann Harner
  • Raider Run Club ES- Tyler Young

Donations/Volunteer Services, which were accepted by the board, include:

  • $1,000 from Quest Federal Credit Union for Sponsoring the Quest Cup Soccer Tournament
  • Clothing from Goshen Friends Church for children in need at the Elementary School
  • Volunteer Coach Jim Sanford- HS Assistant Basketball Coach

2023 Ohio School Report Cards released; BL educators will continue interpreting and using the data to drive improvement.

Superintendent John Scheu detailed, “After spending some time analyzing the report card ratings, I am generally pleased as a district how well we performed- especially in the areas of achievement, graduation rate, and gap closing. Our Middle School (grades 5-8) especially performed well, exceeding the state expectations in all rated areas. As a district, we need to concentrate on increasing the progress (value added) component of the report card rating. Dealing with the pandemic for the past two years resulted in some students falling behind. We feel that keeping our schools open during this time with direct teacher instruction significantly reduced this learning loss.”