Business and Community Leaders Prepare for Eclipse


Logan County business owners and community leaders came together Tuesday afternoon to discuss the upcoming Total Solar Eclipse.

Helen Norris from the Logan County EMA talks about the event:


Final plans about how the group can aid Norris and her Emergency Management crew were made, including reporting traffic, crowd numbers at events, and business impacts.

Logan County is in the path of totality for the Total Solar Eclipse on April 8.

The path runs northwest across the U.S. and is only about 100 miles wide.

The next total solar eclipse to pass through Ohio will not occur until 2099; the next to pass through Logan County will not occur until 2444.

We are expecting an influx of visitors that may double or triple our population that day.

This is based on feedback and data from communities in the path of totality during the recent eclipse across the U.S. in 2017.


Hey Logan County: this is a great opportunity to show off our community to a lot of people!

Visitors will be eating, shopping, and staying the night – and there are plenty of ways to capitalize on this additional traffic through Logan County.

Recommendations for residents:

  • Purchase your eclipse glasses soon, these glasses are specialized to enable you to look at the eclipse without risk of eye damage
  • Both Chambers of Commerce have glasses available for purchase and you can find them at many local retailers
  • If possible, consider staying close to home on 4/8 due to anticipated traffic congestion throughout Logan County
  • Join together with your neighbors to host a block “watch party” or fun activity
  • Buy essential groceries and fill your gas tank by 4/5 in case supplies run low on Eclipse day

Recommendations for restaurants, retail, and others:

  • Start making plans now with your team to stay open and fully staffed on 4/8 and the weekend leading up to it
  • Create the schedule as soon as possible, as some of your employees may want the day off to enjoy the eclipse
  • If you’re not typically open on weekends/Mondays, update your business hours for Eclipse weekend on Google, Facebook, etc.
  • Have cash on hand in case network connections are strained and card readers become difficult to use
  • Make sure you have signage encouraging visitors to stop in – something as simple as “Welcome Eclipse Visitors!” will help our guests see you’re open for business
  • Ensure your parking for customers (and employees) is marked
  • Restaurants: offer a buffet, limited menu, and/or grab-and-go items – anything to help streamline customers that day
    PS: Consider planning some fun food or drink specials around the eclipse theme
  • Retailers: think about what visitors would want to purchase (Logan County swag, perhaps) and stock up on those items

Recommendations for all other businesses:

  • If at all possible, please consider giving your employees the day off, early dismissal, or a no pay, no penalty day on 4/8
  • If employees will be onsite at your business on 4/8, expect: Traffic delays resulting in late arrivals and potential parking issues (depending on your location), internet and wireless connectivity issues
  • If your business typically receives deliveries on 4/8, reschedule them if possible

Additional recommendations for various types of businesses, including lodging, grocery stores, and gas stations are available here.

You can stay up to date on local information and emergency alerts: Text “locoeclipse” to 618-589-1337.