Chamber Checks: Local Gift Giving Option


If you’re looking for the perfect gift for employees, co-workers, family, or friends, Chamber Choice Checks are a great way to let your recipient get what they want while supporting local businesses. It’s the ultimate “shop local” gift!
What is a Chamber Choice Check?
Essentially, it’s a blank check that can be used like cash at participating Chamber member businesses. This gives the recipient the freedom to choose where to spend their gift and also supports our local economy.
Where can I use a Chamber Choice Check?
You can use your check at any current Chamber member business that will accept them! Included with each check is a list of popular places to use it, including local restaurants, retailers, salons & spas, and more. You can find the full Member Directory here:
Are there additional fees to purchase Chamber Choice Checks?
If you pay by check or cash, there are no additional fees. We are also able to accept payments using Venmo (new this year!); there is a 2% transaction fee on top of your Chamber Choice Check total if you opt to pay using Venmo.
How can I purchase Chamber Choice Checks?
Simply call the Chamber at (937) 599-5121 to place your order over the phone. If you plan to order more than 10 checks, please contact Amanda in advance by emailing [email protected].
I have more questions about Chamber Choice Checks. Who should I contact?
Call the Chamber at (937) 599-5121 and any of our staff can help you. Amanda Ramsey runs the Chamber Choice Check program in their office and can answer your questions.