Edlen Arrested for Protection Order Violation


Justin Edlen of Zanesfield was arrested Thursday morning for violating a Protection Order.

Neighbors called the Logan County Sheriff’s Office complaining that Edlen was talking to a tree and that they felt threatened by his comments.

Upon arrival, the neighbors told deputies that they had a protection order against Edlen and had persistently had problems with him.

Edlen stated that his neighbor had yelled at him, calling him a pedophile and that he had responded to the tree rather than the neighbor.

He stated to the tree that he was not a pedophile and that he would call the cops.

He went on to tell officers that he did not communicate with his neighbors, therefore he did not violate the protection order.

The neighbors told deputies that had heard loud banging noises outside and when they went to investigate Edlen was outside their home.

They then saw Edlen back on his property and he was “talking to a tree” saying things like, “Why are you looking over here?”

He mentioned to the tree that he had a gun, and also, “Nobody likes you, everyone wants you to move out.”

The neighbors told authorities that they felt threatened by Edlen’s comments.

Edlen was placed under arrest.

When he was searched a clear baggie was located in his front pants pocket and a white substance came out of it onto a deputy.

Edlen claimed that the substance was antacid and it was crushed by his keys that were also in his pocket.

The deputy was decontaminated by EMS and Edlen was transported to the Logan County Jail.