Fair goes fowl: Poultry Show kicks off Jr. Fair


Chickens, turkeys, and even a few ducks were a part of the poultry show Sunday afternoon in the Show Barn to kick off a busy week for the Jr. Fair.

For 3 1/2 hours judges took a good look at Logan County’s best birds and handed out several awards.

Market Turkey Hens

Class 1

1st Mason Jackson

Class 2

1st Maria Henderson

2nd Isabel Henderson

3rd Lauren Kennedy

Grand Champion Hen: Maria Henderson

Reserve Champion: Mason Jackson

Market Turkeys

Class 3

1st Kendra Kennedy

2nd Hailey Kennedy

3rd McKale Watkins

Class 4

1st Maria Henderson

2nd Lauren Kennedy

3rd Isabel Henderson

Grand Champion Tom: Kendra Kennedy

Reserve Champion: Maria Henderson

Overall Champion Turkey: Kendra Kennedy

Overall Reserve Champion: Maria Henderson

Maria Henderson

Roaster Chickens

Class 1

1st Alexandra Kinney

2nd Brantley Karn

3rd Annie Braig

Class 2

1st Eva Carney

2nd Tony Cummins

3rd Augusta Biederman

Class 3

1st Eliana Darling

2nd Isabel Henderson

3rd Kora Fulkerson

Class 4

1st Ashlynn Biederman

2nd Reed Strayer

3rd Meya Karbowiak

Class 5

1st Winnie Bodin

2nd Allison Kinney

3rd Allyson Evans

Grand Champion Roaster: Alexandra Kinney

Reserve Champion: Eva Carney

Commercial Meat Pen

Class 1

1st Riley Rash

2nd Alexandra Kinney

3rd Annie Braig

Class 2

1st Alivia Kinney

2nd Carly Strayer

3rd Allison Rowe

Class 3

1st Isabel Henderson

2nd Maria Henderson

3rd Owen Bayliss

Class 4

1st Reed Strayer

2nd Ryland Cook

3rd Ashlynn Biederman

Class 5

1st Elayna Hoover

2nd Joel Hoover

3rd Meya Karbowiak

Class 6

1st Reagan Rash

2nd Winnie Bodin

3rd Seth Thornburgh

Reed Strayer

Grand Champion Meat Pen: Reed Strayer

Reserve Champion: Alivia Kinney

Senior Showmanship

1st Allison Kinney

Junior Showmanship

1st Isaac King

Intermediate Showmanship

1st Alexandra Kinney