Harness Racing Returns to Fairgrounds


By: Izik Cox


The Logan County Agricultural Society Board gathered together on Wednesday night.

President Rick Thomas called the meeting to order at 6:43 pm and began discussing pressing matters towards the fairgrounds and how to improve known problems.

Thomas first welcomed any guests who joined the Board and invited them to address anything concerning.

The Horse Committee has several projects underway, however, they will join each other for a meeting in January 2024.

Discussions of the fairgrounds’ 10 to 20-year future stirred throughout the roundtable, and topics such as finances, and events to add were discussed.

The Board was offered to set goals on where they want to be in a 10-20 year timeline and were encouraged to reach those goals.

Treasure Ryland Eades’ report consisted of sharing the budget for the year and expressing a positive outlook on the success of the Board’s use of money.

The following budget was shared:

  • $15,000+ dollars in an emergency fund
  • $2,000+ dollars in a reserve fund
  • $191,947 dollars in operation funds

Thomas had these remarks:

The extent of the meeting arose when the discussion of the return of Harness Racing to the Fairgrounds began.

Vice President Jay Ackley shared an extensive response of how the return of the entertainment to the Fair could prove a positive outcome to the attendance to the shows, and how the Fair can provide even more entertainment to the public.

The Board joined Ackley in the concern that Harness Racing Horses might interfere with Jr. Fair and 4H Horse participants and made it a priority to protect the kids involved with the Logan County Fair.

Following the conclusion of the monthly meeting, the Board opened up their Annual Meeting, where they gathered to discuss the success of the previous year.

Over 20,000 dollars was made for profit by the Agriculture Society this year.

All standing officers retained their seats, and there were no election changes or proposals.

The meeting concluded with a laugh with one another, as President Rick Thomas adjourned the meeting at 8:11 pm.