Hudson Love and Wilkins take Dairy Grand Champion titles


The Champaign County Fair held its Dairy Steer and Feeder Shows Tuesday evening. Judging took place for over four hours, and the results were as follows:

Dairy Steer Show

4-H Division

Class 1

1st Alayna Hackley

2nd Fredrick Bradford

3rd Payton Massie

Class 2

1st Leah Loudenback

2nd Cooper Hudson Love

3rd Jayson Hoewischer

Class 3

1st Rachel Haser

2nd Garret Bollack

3rd Charli Ankrom

Class 3

Class 4

1st Cooper Hudson Love

2nd Ella Conley (also Rate of Gain Champion)

3rd Mia Conley

Class 5

1st Cooper Hudson Love

2nd Ella Vondenhuevel

3rd Saydie Farmer

4-H Division Champion: Cooper Hudson Love

4-H Division Reserve Champion: Ella Vondenhuevel

FFA Division

Class 6

1st Alan Snyder

2nd Sam Hoewischer

3rd Grace Bowers

Class 7

1st Ava Bostick

2nd Sam Hoewischer

3rd Bryden Ankrom

Class 7

FFA Division Champion: Ava Bostick

FFA Division Reserve Champion: Alan Snyder

Champion Dairy Steer: Cooper Hudson Love

Reserve Champion Dairy Steer: Ava Bostick

Dairy Feeder Show

Division 1

Class 1

1st Jenna Snyder

2nd Fiona Sweeney

3rd Lilliana Davis

Class 2

1st Nathan Crisler

2nd Riley Haser

3rd Justin Haser

Class 3

1st Liam Sweeney

2nd Tucker Barnett

3rd Corbin Clapsaddle

Division 1 Champion: Liam Sweeney

Division 1 Reserve Champion: Tucker Barnett

Division 2

Class 4

1st Riley Knox

2nd Corbin Clapsaddle

3rd Addison Corry

Class 5

1st Avery Gould

2nd Carole Hawley

3rd Carole Hawley

Class 6

1st Samuel Wilkins

2nd Faith Ford

3rd Payton Massie

Division 2 Champion: Samuel Wilkins

Division 2 Reserve Champion: Faith Ford

Division 3

Class 7

1st Michael Wilhelm

2nd Garret Bollack

3rd Emily Moser

Class 8

1st Kaleb Pond

2nd Brant Bollack

3rd Cynthia Huffman

Class 9

1st Mia Conley

2nd Addison Corry

3rd Luke Botkins

Division 3 Champion: Kaleb Pond

Division 3 Reserve Champion: Brant Bollack

Division 4

Class 10

1st Luke Botkins

2nd Hayden Underwood

3rd Jacob Underwood

Class 11

1st Andie Adams

2nd Avery Gould

3rd Jacob Underwood

Class 12

1st Saydie Farmer

2nd Maverick Adams

3rd Ella Conley

Division 4 Champion: Andie Adams

Division 4 Reserve Champion: Avery Gould

Division 5

Class 13

1st Samuel Wilkins

2nd Mia Conley

3rd Lorelei Wilhelm

Class 14

1st Saydie Farmer

2nd Britton Carter

3rd Carson Love

Class 15

1st Charli Ankrom

2nd Kaleb Pond

3rd Fredrick Bradford

Division 5 Champion: Samuel Wilkins

Division 5 Reserve Champion: Mia Conley

FFA – Division 6

Class 16

1st Brooke Dunn

2nd Brooke Dunn

3rd Alan Snyder

Class 17

1st Reagan Bradford

2nd Ella Vondenhuevel

3rd Ella Vondenhuevel

Division 6 Champion: Brooke Dunn

Division 6 Reserve Champion: Brooke Dunn

Champion Dairy Feeder: Samuel Wilkins

Reserve Champion Dairy Feeder: Andie Adams