Indian Lake Graduates End One Chapter and Set Forth on Another


It was an ideal evening to end one chapter and set forth on another for the Indian Lake High School Class of 2024.

ILHS recently held Commencement Ceremonies in front of a packed house in Laker Stadium.

The graduation speaker was ILES Principal Molly Hall. She noted that this class was in kindergarten when she became principal and that’s just one of the reasons they are so special to her.

She gave them three main ideas that are important as they enter the next stage of life.

  1. Be a good person. Don’t be a jerk. Think of the way beloved Indian Lake matriarch and longtime music teacher Judy Grubbs treated everyone. Hall advised. “In a world full of jerks, be a Judy.”
  2. Get good at doing the hard stuff. “If you think because you’re leaving here today with a diploma from Indian Lake High School things are now going to get easier, you are wrong. If you want to pursue great things in life, you must get good at the hard stuff. You must develop resilience, determination, and grit in the face of adversity.”
  3. Indian Lake will always be your home. Be proud to be a Laker. “This year more than ever I’m reminded of how proud I am to be a Laker…As we watch you cross the stage today we are all so very proud of you. You’ve done it! But don’t think for a moment that we will stop watching you and cheering for you. Whether it’s college, the military, or the workforce we will be rooting you on every step of the way.”

Class President Ryan Culp took the seniors down memory lane, recounting the years affected by COVID-19, the tragic loss of two friends this past year, and finally, the tornado response and ongoing recovery. “And so as we stand on the threshold of the future, let us not forget where we came from. Let’s recognize how fortunate we are to have all of these chairs full. Let’s take a second to soak it all in because you’ll never be a high schooler again.”

Before each member of the class received their diploma, the Top 10 scholars were announced.

They are:

  • (10) Ryan Culp
  • (9) Isaac Meyers
  • (8)Chloe Sparks
  • (7) Haylee Edwards
  • (6-Salutatorian) Ashlynn Biederman
  • (1-Valedictorian) Anne Braig
  • (1-Valedictorian) Maddux Hall
  • (1-Valedictorian) Hannah Hoffman
  • (1-Valedictorian) Hannah Metzger
  • (1-Valedictorian) Kaitlyn Shaner

Once the ceremony was complete, the graduates threw their caps in the air and posed for pictures with family and friends.

Congratulations ILHS Class of 2024!